Why are sharks attracted to volcanoes

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why are sharks attracted to volcanoes

Sharcano (Sharkpocalypse Trilogy, #1) by Jose Prendes

A burnt and half-eaten megalodon shark corpse is found beached. A priest commits suicide. A previously unknown volcano rises from the China Sea and brings about a tsunami that destroys Shanghai. Yellowstone erupts after 640,000 years of silence. A pit in Nicaragua known as the mouth of hell begins violently spewing lava.

When Reporter Mick Cathcart and Marine Biologist Agnes Brach set out looking for answers, they never expected to stumble upon the biblical end times. Yet with sharks made of lava shooting from volcanoes to devour anyone in their way, how could anyone deny it?

With the help of a beleaguered priest and a billionaire industrialist, Mick and Agnes scramble to shutter the volcanoes and put down the lava sharks before the whole world burns to a cinder.
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Sharks Discovered Living Inside Volcano

Posted By: Ceylin Arias August 1, Chapman, lead principal investigator, and Heithaus, co-lead principal investigator, along with Dr. Michelle Heupel and Dr.
Jose Prendes

Sharks have been discovered living inside an active volcano

Studying a powerful explosion could reveal the secrets of geoengineering, an idea that has existed on the fringes of science for decades. But interfering in the atmosphere is still considered taboo. Only the biggest volcanic eruptions make headlines, but last year between 14 and 27 blew their top around the world each week. We asked three volcanologists what to look out for in the year ahead. Mark Leftly meets politicans and bankers looking to attract British investors back to the country. Indonesian villagers ride a motorbike as Mount Sinabung spews hot gas and ashes in the background in Karo, North Sumatra province, on Monday.

But in this inhospitable environment, there are numbers of hammerhead and silkly sharks, hanging around and going about their business. Related: Solar-powered tags give threatened shark species a fighting chance. What sort of changes have they undergone? Are there only certain animals that can withstand it? It is so black and white when you see a human being not able to get anywhere near where these sharks are able to go. Moreover, what happens when Kavachi erupts—as it does so rather frequently?

The spout of liquid rock has been shooting into the water day and night for weeks, half-shrouded by a thick cloud of smoke and sulfur dioxide. The waters of Hawaii are no stranger to volcanic eruptions; they are, after all, how the islands were formed and continue to be reshaped.
saving private ryan behind the scenes

Science in brief, from a lava lake to a dancing bird

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: Sharks are wildly overrated. - A seamount is a mountain rising from the ocean floor that does not reach to the water's surface sea level , and thus is not an island , islet or cliff-rock.

Across the world, sharks congregate around volcanoes and volcanic islands. From active, dormant to extinct, volcanoes hold a strong attraction for sharks of all kinds, but little is known about this phenomenon. Heithaus has spent his entire career studying marine predators, specializing in the ecological importance of sharks and other large marine species including whales, dolphins and sea turtles. They found plenty of activity—including sharks in a submarine volcano. The main peak of the volcano, called Kavachi, was not erupting during their expedition, so they were able to drop instruments, including a deep-sea camera, into the crater. Scientists sent robots to study the peculiar beasts who manage to survive in the hostile volcanic environment.

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