Words written on a gravestone

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words written on a gravestone

Gravestone Quotes (16 quotes)

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Even if you use the whole reverse of a headstone, you will be limited to a few lines. They are a chance to sum up a person's life in just a few words, to give it shape and express real emotion. However, the best epitaphs are timeless and not overly sentimental, and for this reason, I always advise waiting at least a year before choosing so that emotions have time to settle and you don't later regret your choice.

Example Headstone Epitaphs And Inscriptions

A headstone is a marker that sits above a grave, and the headstone inscriptions written on them usually include the deceased's name, date of birth, date of death and sometimes simple sayings or verses. However, there are many ways to enhance a headstone , and make it a richer tribute for your loved one. First, take a little time to really think about that person's life and what he meant to everyone. That should help you decide what kind of tribute would be most fitting. Here are a few basic categories that most gravestone sayings fall into, as well as some examples of what you could have engraved. Remarks in this category of gravestone inscriptions usually acknowledge something about a person's various roles in life.

You might even use a few words from a poem which was read at the funeral. Below is a list of headstone inscriptions and memorial quotes. .. I encourage parents to try to write their own epitaphs or to search for inspiration.
letter to my granddaughter on her 18th birthday

Advice for buying a headstone

Although you'll see many popular and lovely headstone inscriptions in your local cemetery, these typical choices don't work for every person. If you're looking for something to truly honor a unique loved one, you may need to come up with a more creative alternative. From song lyrics to funny verses, the ideal memorial is out there. The epitaph, or inscription on a headstone , offers a lasting memorial to the person who has died. Because this inscription is so important, it can be difficult to find something that fits your loved one. Depending on your loved one's personality and sense of humor, one of these ideas might be perfect. Words aren't the only way to express your love for a friend or family member on the person's headstone.

A gravestone gives you one last chance to memorialise a loved one who has passed away. In times of emotional turmoil making decisions can be difficult. This guide has been written to help make the process easier and will take you through every aspect of choosing, buying and maintaining a gravestone. This will ensure you have enough space to present your message in a smart and sophisticated manner. There are many different types of gravestone available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials; and each one can be customised to create something completely unique. Upright gravestones are the most common. In most circumstances they are tall, thick and rounded with a concrete base.

With limited space on a headstone, it can be overwhelming knowing what words to write. While there are no specific rules for what you can write, most will follow a general pattern. Below is a general guide of the various phrases, verses, quotes, and excerpts that are common on headstone inscriptions. If you need advice about the different styles and options related to engraving, please check out our inscription section. Have a budget in mind and let your monumental mason know so they can show you different options in that price range. To get an idea of what headstone you like, have a look through our gallery which contains a large selection of designs. Get an itemised quote from our masons.

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  1. There is something special to say about everyone but summarizing a life in just a few words can be very difficult.

  2. A headstone is a marker that sits above a grave, and the headstone inscriptions written on them usually include the deceased's name, date of birth, date of death and sometimes simple sayings or verses. Simple Headstone Inscriptions. Personal Grave Marker Quotes.

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