What time does diamond head open

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what time does diamond head open

Diamond Head by Cecily Wong

A sweeping debut spanning China to Hawaii that follows four generations of a wealthy shipping family whose rise and decline is riddled with secrets and tragic love—from a young, powerful new voice in fiction

At the turn of the nineteenth-century, Frank Leong, a fabulously wealthy shipping industrialist, moves his family from China to the island of Oahu. But something ancient follows the Leongs to Hawaii, haunting them. The parable of the red string of fate, the cord which binds one intended beloved to her perfect match, also punishes for mistakes in love, passing a destructive knot down the family line.

When Frank is murdered, his family is thrown into a perilous downward spiral. Left to rebuild in their patriarch’s shadow, the surviving members of the Leong family try their hand at a new, ordinary life, vowing to bury their gilded past. Still, the island continues to whisper—fragmented pieces of truth and chatter, until a letter arrives two decades later, carrying a confession that shatters the family even further.

Now the Leong’s survival rests with young Theresa, Frank Leong’s only grandchild, eighteen and pregnant, the heir apparent to her ancestors’ punishing knots.

Told through the eyes of the Leong’s secret-keeping daughters and wives and spanning The Boxer Rebellion to Pearl Harbor to 1960s Hawaii, Diamond Head is a breathtakingly powerful tale of tragic love, shocking lies, poignant compromise, aching loss, heroic acts of sacrifice and, miraculous hope.
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Fat Man Attempts To Hike Diamond Head! Did I Make It?! Diamond Head Hike Difficulty

Early in the AM, the earlier the better. It gets very hot and dry by late morning. Take water.
Cecily Wong

Diamond Head Hike, Honolulu, Hawaii

Diamond Head in Oahu is one of the most fascinating hikes in Hawaii as you have the chance to discover the ancient natural crater while also witnessing the sprawling cityscape of Honolulu and the surrounding seas. Read on to find out how long it takes to hike to Diamond Head and top tips for enjoying the walk. The 0. If you decide to walk all the way from Waikiki Beach to Diamond Head, you will add an additional hour at least each way to your hike. Most people prefer to take a slower pace, stopping to admire the view and catch their breath en route, in which case it takes around 1.

Diamond Head Trail is one of the most rewarding Oahu hikes, offering amazing degree views when you reach the top. Hiking Diamond Head might first appear to be a challenging all day climb, but this Oahu hiking trail can look deceiving, as it really only takes about 40 to 60 minutes to reach the foot summit. There are some steep sections including narrow stairs, and the number of hikers ahead of you might slow you down, but just imagine the panoramic views you will be rewarded with once you reach the top of this Diamond Head hike. Keep reading to see everything you need to know before you go! Disclaimer — all Oahu hikes have different challenges and hazards that can be dangerous and may inflict injury.

Learn about the fascinating history, geography, plant life, and more of this iconic…. This deluxe tour includes narration, official souvenirs, and more. Your tour or product purchase today will help support the future of our programs and exhibits at each of our Pacific Park locations. Get the official Diamond Head certificate shipped to your home! Each certificate can be personalized to prove that you hiked Diamond Head.

in Oahu the week of Nov , and I would like to visit Diamond Head. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a.
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How Long is the Trail Up Diamond Head?

Diamond Head Hike. You should do Diamond Head. Get up early and do it! The round trip trail distance is 2. Hike Time.

This is a rough draft of a FAQ, I'll add questions and answers as I find time, think of them, or find them somewhere. What is this web site about? How big is the park and where is it? What are the park hours? Who owns the park? How old is the park? What facilities are available?

Aerial view of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach. It was my first day in Hawaii. I was lapping up the winter sun while wandering around in a haze of jet lag. I was dying to explore but my body was pretty wiped out. One of my new travel buddies had asked a few locals for tips on where to go, and Diamond Head had been mentioned several times. From our current location overlooking the white sands of Waikiki Beach, we were told we could walk to the trailhead. So off we went.

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  1. Hours. Daily am to pm. Open every day, including holidays. Diamond Head State Monument encompasses over acres, including the interior and outer slopes of the .. Your input is valued, and we would love to hear from you!.

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