What is the setting of the grapes of wrath

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what is the setting of the grapes of wrath

The Grapes of Wrath Quotes by John Steinbeck

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The Grapes of Wrath - Summary/Overview - 60second Recap®

The Setting of Grapes of Wrath

Topics: Setting. Brydie Jones b block English summer reading paragraphs setting in The Grapes of Wrath Some ask why is the setting of the book so important? Well would Lord of the Rings be so dramatic if it were set in Atlanta? The exact location is Sallisaw, Oklahoma, to be exact, which is mainly a corn farming city but, because of the Dust bowl, the town now grows corn. I find Oklahoma to be an important setting in the book for many reasons because it holds a lot of symbolic features in it.

Open Document. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. The Grapes of Wrath is arguably the most eye-opening novel written in the 20th century. It shows the hardships that the joads and any other family trying to make a living had to endure. The grapes of wrath would not have made sense if it were to be written without it geographical and time settings Research Papers words 3.

He learns that his family has been evicted from the property, which explains why the house has fallen into disrepair, with the building off its foundation, the fences gone, the outhouse tipped, and cotton growing haphazardly. The attachment to the Oklahoma land is so strong for Grampa Joad that he cannot bear to leave it, dying shortly after being removed from his longtime environment. As the definitive throughway for cross-country travel, Route 66 provides the means by which the migrants access California. These camps—named after President Herbert Hoover, who was blamed for the Great Depression—often get broken up by law enforcement to keep people from settling. Here, the people seem to be more at ease, even throwing dances every Saturday night. Unable to find work, though, the Joads leave Weedpatch just a month into their stay, moving on to Hooper Ranch, a peach farm ripe with controversy.

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Set during the Great Depression , the novel focuses on the Joads, a poor family of tenant farmers driven from their Oklahoma home by drought, economic hardship, agricultural industry changes, and bank foreclosures forcing tenant farmers out of work. Due to their nearly hopeless situation, and in part because they are trapped in the Dust Bowl , the Joads set out for California along with thousands of other " Okies " seeking jobs, land, dignity, and a future. The Grapes of Wrath is frequently read in American high school and college literature classes due to its historical context and enduring legacy. The narrative begins just after Tom Joad is paroled from McAlester prison , where he had been imprisoned after being convicted of homicide. While hitchhiking to his home near Sallisaw, Oklahoma , Tom meets former preacher Jim Casy, whom he remembers from his childhood, and the two travel together.

Click the map infographic to download. They don't call them migrant workers for nothing—these guys are perpetually on the move. We really want to jump into the story, Mary-Poppins-in-the-chalk-drawning-style, and let everyone crash on our couch. The geographical setting of The Grapes of Wrath constantly shifts, because its characters are constantly on the move. We do know, however, that the story is set in the late s, in the midst of the Great Depression. And is it ever depressing.


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  1. The setting includes a large part of Oklahoma, portions of other states, and a large area of California.

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