What do we get from finding the truth

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what do we get from finding the truth

Searching For Truth Quotes (19 quotes)

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Published 18.10.2019
Accept the fact that different people will have different views on many subjects. Everyone is entitled to their own view, even if they disagree with you. Try to be open-minded and understand where the other views are coming from.

Why Do We Need to Seek the Truth?

Why do we need to seek the truth? No one wants to base their life on anything fake or false, so we each search for the truth in every area of human endeavor. Some philosophers have even described human beings primarily as truth-seeking creatures, saying that only investigating and finding the truth can help us make meaning in life. Reality or truth is one, yet there are many religious beliefs, denominations, creeds and differing opinions in the world today. Why should these differences exist?

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One of the demands of democracy is the ability to productively engage with others who see things differently — to debate ideas, learn from one another, and advocate for thoughtful and informed decisions. Productive engagement of this kind requires us to think critically and to try to discern fact from opinion, hypothesis from truth. This last part has felt especially complicated over the last several months. So what does this mean for educators? The answer, I believe, is not to tell students what to think , but rather to show them how to think. Students need a robust and sophisticated understanding of what it means to be a critical thinker, and what concepts like argument and truth mean in practice.

The internet is full of crap. For every piece of reputable information you'll find countless rumors, misinformation, and downright falsehoods. Separating truth from fiction is equal parts a mental battle and diligent research. Here's how to make sure you never get duped. As long as words are hitting the page, news and facts are filtered through someone. Sometimes this is a ludicrous rumor that somehow morphs into a fact , or even just a small tip that doesn't work at all.

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