What is it like being in a coma

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what is it like being in a coma

Coma Quotes (21 quotes)

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Published 16.10.2019

What It's Like To Be In A Coma

Real-Life Survivors Reveal What It’s Really Like to Be in a Coma

We've all seen movies about people who land in comas after sustaining grave injuries or serious illnesses. And though we know comas are really hard on the patient's loved ones, we seldom get to see what it's like for the people who experience comas firsthand. From the outside, it can seem sad and perhaps a little scary to be in the same room as an unconscious body, but how much of their condition do coma patients really understand? Are they mentally there at all, or is it just the shells of them, with their consciousness floating somewhere above the room? Thirteen people who've experienced comas opened up about their experiences, which seem to run the gamut. According to many coma survivors, the unconscious experience feels almost like a dream, at least in retrospect. One person said it was "kind of like a normal dream where you don't have any concept of time, but things seem to be happening.

What do you think about when you hear the word coma? A coma say: KO-muh can be difficult to understand, especially because people sometimes jokingly use the word coma to describe people who are sleeping deeply or not paying attention. But a coma is a serious condition that has nothing to do with sleep. Someone who is in a coma is unconscious and will not respond to voices, other sounds, or any sort of activity going on nearby. The person is still alive, but the brain is functioning at its lowest stage of alertness. You can't shake and wake up someone who is in a coma like you can someone who has just fallen asleep.

Caring for and monitoring a person in a coma

Riding home from work on her bike, Colleen Kelly Alexander was left fighting for her life after being hit by a freight truck in October The newlywed suffered devastating injuries including a smashed pelvic bone and legs, internally ripped arteries, rectum and vagina, as well as a brain injury. As a result, she lost so much blood that she died twice — once for 20 minutes and once for 10 minutes — in the 48 hours after she was struck. Once stabilised, Alexander was placed into a medically induced coma for five weeks and underwent 29 surgeries. Now seven years later, the triathlete has recounted her experiences in a book, Gratitude in Motion , where she describes the horrifying details of being semi-conscious throughout her coma. In an extract published in the Mail Online , Alexander says that people have the wrong idea about what a medically induced coma really is. The then year-old explains how she would feel a sense of familiarity when her family or husband Sean entered the room and would even open her eyes to look right at them.

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