of truth by francis bacon critical analysis Bacon, an Elizabethan legal and government counselor and a scholar, wrote these enduring essays at the tail end of the 16th century. So of what practical use could they possibly be now at the start of the 21st century. From his essay “On Unity” there is this observation, “But it is greater blasphemy to personate God and bring Him in saying, I will descend and be like the prince of darkness.” You listening, Pat Robertson. Obama bin Laden. Or, from “On Suspicion,” this, “There is nothing that makes a man suspect much, more than to know little.” State school boards and their lobbyists in Kansas and Texas anyone.

sartori concept misformation in comparative politics Giovanni Sartori is an Italian political scientist specialized in the study of democracy and comparative politics.Born in Florence in 1924. Sartori began his academic career as a lecturer in the History of Modern Philosophy. He founded the first Political Science academic post in Italy, and was Dean of the newly formed University of Florences Department of Political Science.