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girls making out at home

Zoey Comes Home (Making Out, #28) by Katherine Applegate

Ive finally reached the end of the series. Spoilers ahead!

This instalment was quite unusual. Reading Claires adventure (adventure is the appropriate word to describe it) was like watching a meet-the-family romcom! The uptight girlfriend is introduced to the wacky family and everything that could go wrong for her, does. Lol I never thought that this would happen to Claire πŸ˜‚ .

Then there was the somewhat comedic battle between Zoey and Nina at driving school; Aishas paranoia; and the obsessive little genius boy from school who wanted Ninas number. This was like stepping into a different universe. There was so much going on that I felt the end was rushed and I would have liked to know about what everyones plans were for their future since 3 of them werent even in college and had no idea when theyd be able to go. Everything was just left up in the air.

Zoey worked everything out with Lucas in the last few pages but I think more time should have been dedicated to their reconciliation as the whole cheating debacle was the big plot line for like the past 8 books. And I didnt get the point of Adam being introduced either. Poor Jake didnt even get a mention in this one, they just lifted him right out of the book. Holly (his sister) on the other had, is actually mentioned by Lucas even though her existence was wiped out since book 7.

After binge reading the entire series in a couple of weeks (excluding book 11 which I didnt have) I have a fresh perspective. The events in the books take place in the space of just over a year (the summer before senior year in high school till a few months into freshman year of college. As good as the series is, I think the fact that there were different writers from book 9-28 had an effect on the quality of the series because there were continuity issues but mostly the shift in atmosphere and some of the characters behaviours was what I wasnt a fan of.

I think the series started to decline from book 19. Thats when I started skipping large chunks because I either was disinterested or it was annoying to read. The series just changed from then. For example, Lucas went from being completely obsessed with Zoey in book 1-18, to completely shutting her out (plus being horrible to her) and all of a sudden being best friends with Nina in book 19-23 (those were the most painful books to get through) even though they barely communicated in the first 18 books. I also went from loving Nina to loathing her (I believe I referred to her and Lucas as snakes a few times 🐍🐍).

I was going to list a bunch of continuity issues, character changes and plot flaws (e.g. Benjamin was the only character to have a birthday in this entire series) but then Id be here all day and this is already turning into a dissertation. I will mention, however, that a few of the descriptions and titles for the books have nothing to do with what actually happens.

I noticed that none of the teenage characters that were added later on in the series, except Paolo who appears in the final 3, made it to the end (which Im so grateful for). Lara was psycho, Kate was boring and Aaron aka A-Aron was the worst, but Paolo actually became my favourite!

FAVOURITE MOMENTS: Ben getting his sight back, Zoeys hilarious story being leaked to the school newspaper by Lucas, the demise of Lara (very intense scene), Aisha listening to the recording where Christopher finally reveals his past, the showdown with the stalker, everything about Paolo.
WORST MOMENTS: Lucas and Ninas big betrayal (this probably ruined the series for me), all the cheating (lol which is basically what most of the series is about 😩) everything about Kate, everything about A-aron, Im just going to go ahead and say books 19 to 23!

As mush as there is to complain about, it was very entertaining for the most part! Im just a stickler for details. I dont read books like this anymore and it started off as a joke with my sister but I had to complete it because I never got to back when I was in school.
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