The tomb of dracula blade

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the tomb of dracula blade

Essential Tomb of Dracula, Vol. 1 by Marv Wolfman


The name alone is enough to inspire nightmares.

The legendary Lord of the Undead first appeared in the Marvel Universe in the early 1970s--and Tomb of Dracula, the most popular of the Houses horror titles, scared up an estonishing seven-year run. Now, Marvel collects the first 15 issues of the classic, spooky series--plus Werewolf by Night #15 and Giant-Size Chillers #1.

Featuring the first appearance of Blade, the Vampire-Slayer! Plus: Dracula vs. Werewolf by Night--two of Marvels most macabre super-stars in a battle of the monsters!
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Blade Trinity - Dracula's Background

Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 53

On the docks of London, a young couple is trying to spirit off to America when they are attacked by a trio of vampires who refer to themselves as part of Dracula's Legion. Before they can feed on the couple however, they are attacked by Blade, a vampire hunter armed with wooden knives. Blade easily over powers the vampires, stabbing them in the heart with his knives, effectively staking them and killing them instantly. After the battle, Blade is confronted by Quincy Harker and his daughter Edith. Quincy scolds Blade for brashly killing vampires who are part of Dracula's minions, as they could have led the vampire hunters directly to Dracula himself.

Visiting the grave of the recently deceased Shiela Whitter, Dracula pays his respects.
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Hannibal King has sought out Daimon Hallstrom to help him resurrect Blade from the dead, finding that there could be a way to restore the vampire hunter back to normal. Digging up Blade's grave, the two men remove the stake that has been rammed through the doppelganger's heart. Changing into his Son of Satan form, Hellstrom casts a spell that separates Blade from his doppelganger who has been resurrected as soon as the stake is removed from his heart. Before the evil doppelganger can do any more evil, Hannibal once more rams the stake into the impostors chest. With Blade resurrected, the duo thank the Son of Satan for his assistance. While elsewhere, Dracula bids good night to his wife before going out to find a fresh victim to feed upon. He initially chooses a woman, however when he sees that she has a child he refrains from killing her.

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  1. The Tomb of Dracula is a horror comic book series published by Marvel Comics from April . Another Tomb of Dracula miniseries followed found Blade joined a new team of vampire hunters to prevent Dracula achieving godhood.

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