In the wee small hours

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in the wee small hours

In the Wee Small Hours by Gil McNeil

Life just keeps getting more complicated for Annie Baker. Her sister Lizzies pregnant and wants Annie to be her birth-partner - shes planning an active labour, in water, with lots of candles and music. Her partner Matt isnt too sure, although hes bought some new swimming trunks just in case. Annies friend Leila has got a new man, Tor, and shes getting heavily into yoga, while Kate from the village has somehow ended up having an affair with her own ex-husband. And as for the men in Annies own life, it just gets worse. Her seven-year-old son Charlie is now officially Pagan, and desperate for his own pet pheasant. Boss Barney is building a bit of a reputation for TV commercials involving stunts, so if shes not lurching around the North Sea in a trawler, shes stuck up a crane. Then theres Uncle Monty, a retired mole-catcher who collects bric-a-brac, to keep an eye on. Eighty-three and a few sandwiches short of a picnic, Monty has threatened the Meals on Wheels lady with a shotgun and is refusing to leave the farm where hes lived all his life. just when Annie was beginning to think she might be able to cope without him For everyone who fell in love with Annie Baker and her Only Boy for Me, heres what happened next. And for anyone whos ever wondered how to combine motherhood, the country life and a career in town, and why pheasants make that weird clicking noise, this is essential reading.
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In The Wee Small Hours - Frank Sinatra (Cover) by Alice Kristiansen

In the Wee Small Hours is the ninth studio album by American vocalist Frank Sinatra. It was released in April by Capitol and produced by Voyle Gilmore .
Gil McNeil

reDiscover Frank Sinatra’s ‘In The Wee Small Hours’

It has been recognized as one of Sinatra's first concept albums, and has been recorded as one of Sinatra's highest rated and popularized early albums. In the Wee Small Hours has been recognized as one of Sinatra's first concept albums, and has been recorded as one of Sinatra's highest rated and popularized early albums. Like most of Sinatra's Capitol work, the album was arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle. The album sports a theme of lonliness and despair, a trait given to Sinatra's later ballad albums Where Are You? The album's inception began with Sinatra's first studio album, but was never fully realized until Sinatra's divorce with Ava Gardner. In the Wee Small Hours is also notable in that it was originally released under both 12" and 10" formats. The album's tracks were recorded over five separated recording sessions during February and March of , with exception of Last Night When We Were Young.

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Expanding on the concept of Songs for Young Lovers! The first 12" album recorded by Sinatra , Wee Small Hours was more focused and concentrated than his two earlier concept records. It's a blue, melancholy album, built around a spare rhythm section featuring a rhythm guitar, celesta, and Bill Miller 's piano, with gently aching strings added every once and a while.
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All the songs on the album deal with themes such as loneliness, introspection, lost love, failed relationships, depression and night life. In the Wee Small Hours has been called one of the first concept albums. The cover artwork reflects these themes, portraying Sinatra on an eerie and deserted street awash in blue-tinged street lights. He had been developing this idea since with his first album, The Voice. He would successfully continue this "concept" with later albums such as Songs for Swingin' Lovers! In the Wee Small Hours was issued as two inch LP discs, and also as one inch record LP, making it one of the first of its kind in the pop field. It was also issued as four four—song rpm EP discs sold in cardboard sleeves with the same cover as the LPs, not in paper covers like rpm singles.

Reading his life story leads one to conclude that he was sent here on a mission to experience as much of life as he could at the highest possible level of intensity, good times and bad times alike. Sinatra biographies tend to be far too gossipy for my tastes, and my first reaction when finishing one is to congratulate myself on never having had the slightest urge to become famous. The less personal reaction is sheer exhaustion. He experienced the pinnacle of success and the bottom of the barrel. He won an Oscar, eleven Grammies, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a Presidential Medal of Freedom; he also attempted suicide more than once. During this period he also experienced the death of his close friend and publicist, divorce from his first wife Nancy and almost immediate remarriage to Ava Gardner.

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