Mantle of the prophet chapter summary

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mantle of the prophet chapter summary

The Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran by Roy Mottahedeh

This is a breathtaking intellectual history of Iran, starting from its pre-Islamic history all the way up the present day, and narrated alongside the story of one man in particular: a mullah trained in modern Irans Shia seminaries. The scope of the book is really incredible and it would difficult to do it all justice in any summation, but Mottahedeh somehow manages to chart the origins of modern day Iranian thought deep in its ancient history. The descriptions of life in 20th century Qom and Tehran are also beautifully done, and you really come to identify with the pseudonymous mullah as he tells the story of his education and coming of age. Along with the stories of his rigorously logical seminary training, I was particularly moved by the descriptions of his Sufi experiences and the importance of erfan in the lives of some of Irans traditional religious teachers. The author somehow manages to weave the lives of Ferdowsi, Zoroaster, Ayatollah Taleqani, Jalal al-E Ahmed and many others into one durable narrative that continues alongside the life of the mullah. The writing is really captivating and elegant, which makes the potentially dense subject matter a pleasure to deal with.

The book is bracketed by the events of the Iranian Revolution and was published around the time that the revolution occurred. Although it is not about those events per se, it provides a beautifully narrated origin story of how that strange moment came to pass. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of Iran or modern Iranian politics. Hopefully one day the country will open up enough that it will be easier for others to experience it for themselves, but without losing all that makes it so unique.
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Roy Mottahedeh

The Mantle of Elijah

At its most basic, the Caliphate is how Muslims organized themselves for centuries after the death of the Prophet Mohammed. In life, Mohammed led the faith that Muslims believe he channeled directly from God, serving as both religious leader and temporal ruler of the legions drawn to his teachings. But when the Prophet died in A. The caliphate or succession is what he rules, the governing body that claims dominion over all believers. The competition for caliph would split the faith. After Mohammed died, some thought his favorite son-in-law, Ali, should serve.

In The Mantle of the Prophet, Roy Mottahedeh recounts the life and education of Ali Hashemi, a contemporary mullah of Qom, the Iranian shrine city where.
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The religion of Islam provides a complete code of law and guidance. In this chapter, you will find a brief summary of the basic teachings and explanations of some terms. - Traditionally, Islam has had a rich history of the veneration of relics , especially of those attributed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Imagine your bishop, stake president, or other Church leader has just been released. In the space of just a few moments, you have raised your hand twice, once to express gratitude and once to sustain a new leader. During such a time it is common to experience some sadness as well as anxiety. What will the new leader be like? What changes are likely to come? Some youth and children may wonder if they will like their new leader as much as the previous one. The story of how the mantle of prophetic authority was passed from Elijah to Elisha offers helpful counsel when the Lord releases one Church leader and calls a new one.

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  1. Synopsis of Roy Mottahedeh, The Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran (New York: Simon and Schuster, ). Roy Mottahedeh, The Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran (New. of Ali Hashemi born in Qom in , son for foreign education ().

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