Ceremony of loss in the giver

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ceremony of loss in the giver

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The Giver// Unaware Father Scene

These three chapters focus on release.

The Giver, Chapter 6

Community: The community refers to where Jonas and the rest of the citizens live. There are said to be similar communities nearby. Speaker: There are speakers in family dwellings and all throughout the community that make announcements and reminders. Only The Giver is able to turn these speakers off when he wishes. Newchild: A newchild is a newly born child who is taken care of by the Nurturers at the Nurturing Center until they become Ones. There are always fifty newchildren each year, and when they become Ones at the December Ceremony, they are named and given to families. Evening telling of Feelings: The evening telling of feelings is one of the many rituals in every family dwelling.

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As Chapter 6 begins, Jonas' family unit is preparing to go to the December Ceremony, which lasts for two days. By describing the rules that each peer group must follow, Lowry emphasizes the theme of individuality versus conformity. We learn that Fours, Fives, and Sixes are required to wear jackets that button up the back. With buttons on the back, the children are forced to help each other button and unbutton the jackets and thus will learn interdependence. Sevens receive front-button jackets, symbols of independence. Girls must wear hair ribbons until they become Nines, and Eights begin volunteering and wearing jackets with smaller buttons and pockets.

Fiona's new brother had been named Bruno. It wasn't a great name, Jonas thought, like well, like Gabriel, for example. But it was okay. The audience applause, which was enthusiastic at each Naming, rose in an exuberant swell when one parental pair, glowing with pride, took a male newchild and heard him named Caleb. This new Caleb was a replacement child.

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  1. Just as the family practices a telling of feelings at night, they tell their dreams in the morning.

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