I saw the light hank williams song

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i saw the light hank williams song

I Saw the Light: The Story of Hank Williams by Colin Escott

The book that inspired the major motion picture I Saw the Light. Originally published as Hank William: The Biography.

In his brief life, Hank Williams created one of the defining bodies of American music. Songs such as Your Cheatin Heart, Hey, Good Lookin, and Jambalaya sold millions of records and became the model for virtually all country music that followed. But by the time of his death at age twenty-nine, Williams had drunk and drugged and philandered his way through two messy marriages and out of his headline spot on the Grand Ole Opry. Even though he was country musics top seller, toward the end he was so famously unreliable that he was lucky to get a booking in a beer hall.
Colin Escotts enthralling, definitive biograph--now the basis of the major motion picture I Saw the Light--vividly details the singers stunning rise and his spectacular decline, revealing much that was previously unknown or hidden about the life of this country music legend.

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Hank Williams - I Saw the Light

"I Saw the Light" is a country gospel song written by Hank Williams. Williams was inspired to write the song while returning from a concert by a remark his mother.
Colin Escott

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His life was cut far too short, but Hank Williams Sr. Next time you want to listen to one of the most talented voices in the industry , queue up these classic hits. Anyone who's experienced an unfaithful partner will instantly relate to this song about cheating. The impressive violin playing will have you singing at the top of your lungs: "Praise the Lord, I saw the light! We're not sure how long Hank's partner stuck around after he told her, "Well, if you mind your business, then you won't be mindin' mine," but we do know this track is a good one. In need of a new pick-up line?

Williams was inspired to write the song while returning from a concert by a remark his mother made while they were arriving in Montgomery, Alabama. The song is set to the tune of the traditional Scottish folk tune " Bonnie Charlie ", also commonly known as "Will ye no come back again? Williams' version did not enjoy major success during its initial release, but eventually it became one of his most popular songs and the closing number for his live shows. It was soon covered by other acts, and has become a country gospel standard. After the failure of his audition, Williams and his wife Audrey tried to interest the recently formed music publishing firm Acuff-Rose Music.

One of the most important artists in the history of recorded music, Hank Williams seemed to arrive fully formed into the post-second world war country-music landscape. But the Alabama native had spent years honing his craft.
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Hank Williams Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Randall Hank Williams Miscellaneous Album songs 1. Nobody's Child 2. Kaw-Liga 3. Hide and Seek 5. In The Arms of Cocaine 6. I've Got a Right to Cry 7.

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