Rob ryan can we shall we poem

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rob ryan can we shall we poem

Quote by Abraham Lincoln: “From whence shall we expect the approach of dan...”

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Published 18.08.2019

Rob Ryan: Listen to the World at YSP

Can We? Shall We?

The problem is your heart is too big for you alone. And with only you inside it feels like an empty place. It needs someone in there with you to help fill it up. This is why your whole life feels as if some large nameless part is missing…. But do not despair because somewhere there is a heart that is beating that is meant just for you.

The sun high and hot that summer afternoon? That day belonged to us and us alone. Do you remember the small shops we visited and the lunch we shared. That day will stay with me forever. In Rye. This week at Ryantown HQ we have been working on more new ceramics. We decided to adapt Rob's drawing 'In Rye', which exists as a screen print and on a t-towel too, to produce a brand new mug.


I s artist Rob Ryan the most romantic man in the UK? Judging by his wistful screen- and laser-cut prints, you'd think so. I've got a framed version of Can we, Shall we? You smiled at me and from nothing something came. Now the world is new to me again.

His work shows us a world full of beauty, where people love and long for each other so all-consumingly that everything else pales in comparison. Rob Ryan by Holly Trill. Large papercuts and screenprints, mostly monochrome in black on white, lined the walls of the small space, buzzing from the heat of the crowd enjoying vodka-champagne drinks. Also on display was a collaboration between Ryan and the designer Lulu Guinness. The limited edition fan-shaped clutch bags, embellished in Swarovski crystals, go on sale Monday.

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