Albanian mob in new york

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albanian mob in new york

Ed Scarpos Blog, page 22

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Published 13.08.2019

MAFIA: The Modern Mob

When the topic of discussion is organized crime, Albania seldom comes to mind. Activities include trafficking in drugs, arms, humans, and human organs.

Albanian mafia

The Rudaj Organization, called "The Corporation" by its members, was started in in Westchester and spread to the Bronx and Queens. Federal prosecutors said Rudaj was the triggerman in a shooting of another organized crime figure after a high-speed chase in the Bronx. Rudaj hung out the sunroof of a car and fired at Guy Peduto as he fled in another car. They also described an incident where Rudaj showed up with 20 thugs to get late mob boss John Gotti 's table at Rao's , the legendary and exclusive East Harlem Italian restaurant. On Friday, June 16, , Alex Rudaj, 38, was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for racketeering, extortion and gambling offenses. Loscalzo allegedly promised Colotti territory with rackets to run in the Bronx and to propose him for Gambino family membership. Rudaj and Coletti didn't receive his territory and they did not want to work for Gambino neither did they respect him.

The Albanian mafia or Albanian organized crime Albanian : Mafia Shqiptare are the general terms used for criminal organizations based in Albania or composed of ethnic Albanians. Albanian organized crime is active in Europe , North America , South America , and various other parts of the world including the Middle East and Asia. The Albanian Mafia participates in a diverse range of criminal enterprises including trafficking in drugs, arms, humans, and human organs. The Albanian criminal scenario is characterized by diversified criminal plans which, in their complexity, show one of the highest criminal capacities in the world. In Albania alone, there are over 15 mafia families that control organized crime.

They, along with a year-old partner named Almir Rrapo—who was a civil servant in Albania, working for a deputy prime minister at the time of his arrest—led a crew of 15 other men. The other members of their crew were Albanian, too. I first heard about Albanians and the street in the mid s. They tore through the Westchester County Fair at Yonkers Raceway with baseball bats over some type of beef. They were just beginning to make a name for themselves here for craziness.

Tony and Tina's, a local restaurant, sells traditional food and represents a growing Albanian presence in the Bronx.
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Federal prosecutors had a different theory: The man, Bushawn Shelton, 34, was a high-ranking member of the Bloods street gang, and had taken part in a plot to kill Sylvester and Salvatore Zottola, a father and son who were reputed to be associates of the Bonanno crime family. On Thursday, Mr., By Ed Scarpo Tuesday, January 26, In January , Bajram Lajqi was sentenced in Brooklyn federal court to six years in prison; he'd plead guilty on June 27, , to drug trafficking and firearm use.



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  1. A filmmaker seeking real-life stories from the criminal underworld visits the Bronx and finds his leading man.

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