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Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK by Jonathan P. Van Kleunen

Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK is your one-stop shop for high-yield, systems-based review during the clinical years of medical school. The 3rd edition underwent expanded and innovative content updates designed to keep students informed and prepared with regards to high stakes exams and clinical decision making.  This edition packs illustrations, Next Steps, Mnemonics, and Quick Hits in a single, ingenious tool. Each element is tailored for immediate content absorption, and an all-new full-color interior differentiates elements for faster, more efficient review. Plus, Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK, third edition provides bonus material and study resources online for additional self-assessment and practice for this exam!

 NEW Features and Content changes for this blockbuster edition:

·      Improved flow of the tables and figures to match the flow of the text, so now tables and figures appear much closer to the text that they illustrate.
·         Numerous typographical and factual errors were corrected along with figure revisions and improvements.
·         Updated cardiovascular treatment strategies and best practices.
·         Revised Chapter on GASTROINTESTINAL  includes a major rearrangement of the Hepatic and Biliary diseases and rewrites for the Sections on Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension.
·         Entirely new sections on urinary incontinence and posterior urethral valves in the GENITONURINARY chapter.
·         Endocrine chapter has been revised to reflect new drugs, new contraindications, and more thorough discussion of adverse effects.
·         Significant additions, corrections, and clarifications plus a new table to include 3 entirely new classes of HIV drugs in the HEMATOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY chapter.
·         Changes to the ER, ICU, and SURGERY chapter include an update to the Cardiovascular Emergencies algorithms to reflect 2010 updates and significant transfusion reactions.
 CLASSIC Features students swear by:

·         Complete coverage of high-yield topics—cause, risk factors, history and physical exam, lab studies or radiology, treatment and complications—ensures you are test ready!
·         Mnemonics help you “file away” clinical information for handy retrieval at test time!
·         Quick Hits glimmering in the margins highlight highly testable materials—just see how the sparks fly at test time!
·         Next Steps margin notes guide you through the workup of a patient with practical tips to success!
·         BONUS Material and study resources:
·         eBook with fully searchable text available via thePoint.
·         Image bank with all the images and tables from the book.
·         300 USMLE-style questions online allow for self-assessment and practice for the exam!
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Step Up

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Jonathan P. Van Kleunen

Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK

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Author information: 1 D. Milan is professor of medicine and director, Ruth L. Obadia is associate dean, Clinical Education and Services, associate professor of internal medicine, and codirector, Medical Skills Courses, A. Comment in Acad Med. Acad Med. These are the only national licensing examinations designed to assess clinical skills competence in the stepwise process through which physicians gain licensure and certification. Therefore, the movement to end these examinations and the ensuing debate merit careful consideration.

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