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The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (59 books)

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Published 04.08.2019

Naval Ravikant's Secret to Reading Books in the Social Media Age - Joe Rogan

Through his diverse career and regular podcast, Joe has met and interviewed people from all sorts of fields and backgrounds. All Joe Rogan recommended.
Hunter S. Thompson

What are the best books mentioned in Joe Rogan Experience Podcast?

Updated February 14, JRE listeners are no doubt familiar with the following list of book titles. Joe Rogan has read and recommended each of them. They are frequently discussed on the podcast and are also included on our list of the most mentioned books. Buy on Amazon. In Tribe , Sebastian Junger examines the difference between tribal society and modern society. Humans evolved to live in small groups which are more cohesive and egalitarian.

War is a Racket is a book by Smedley D. It is about Major General Smedley D. Butler and how he was a military hero who thought that wars were pre-planned, self-serving affairs for banks and corporations. It was published by Feral House in Thanks for voting! Please tell us why you like it!

Updated August 2, Listed below are books that Joe Rogan is currently reading or has recently finished reading. To be more accurate, Rogan prefers listening to books over reading and typically reads only one physical book for every 7 or 8 audiobooks. Buy on Amazon. In preparation for Dr.

If Joe says it’s good, well, then it’s probably good

Dan Peña On How To Get Laid - Reading Books - Joe Rogan Podcast

Updated November 8, He has recommended each of these books multiple times on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Buy on Amazon. In Food of the Gods, he explores the role that plants, drugs and altered states of consciousness have played throughout human history. His underlying message is that humans need to revive their historical relationship with psychoactive plants in order to avoid destroying the planet and themselves.

Updated September 20, This is an unofficial list of guests scheduled to appear on the JRE Podcast. Some guests make their own social media announcements and others have expressed mutual interest with Joe on Twitter. Please note that not all guests are announced beforehand and not all of the TBA podcasts come to fruition. Richard Dawkins Evolutionary biologist, author, atheist. Paul Stamets Mycologist, author.

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