llamando a las puertas del cielo No tengo palabras para describir lo que me ha hecho sentir este libro. He leído al autor varias veces anteriormente y, aunque me había llegado, nunca había conseguido removerme como en esta ocasión. Puede que sea el tema, esa mezcla de valores humanos perdidos, encontrados y aún por crear; o los personajes, cercanos, exasperantes a veces, pero entrañables y reales. He viajado a India y he experimentado como Silvia, he sufrido con Leo y con Mahendra, me he enamorado con Elisabet y el dr. Giner, he odiado y comprendido a Arturo.

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where did john wayne go to college Drawing on interviews that author Scott Eyman conducted with John Wayne before his death and more than 100 interviews with the actor’s family, co-stars, and close associates, this revelatory biography shows how both the facts and fictions about Wayne illuminate his singular life.John Wayne was one of Hollywood’s most famous and most successful actors, but he was more than that. He became a symbol of America itself. He epitomized the Western film, which for many people epitomized America. He identified with conservative political causes from the early 1930s to his death in 1979, making him a hero to one generation of Americans and a villain to another. But unlike fellow actor Ronald Reagan, Wayne had no interest in politics as a career.