Sherlock holmes & vampires of london

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sherlock holmes & vampires of london

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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Brett - S2E6 The Final Problem

Review – Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London by Sylvain Cordurié

Now, before he returns to Dr. Holmes recounts living in Paris with the help of his older brother Mycroft, when he stumbles upon a cadre of vampires that ask Holmes to return to England and meet their master, Selymes. He needs Holmes to eliminate a crazed vampire named Chanes. Chanes is brutally murdering and feeding on the members of London High Society. Selymes is concerned this will lead Queen Victoria to waging a war against the vampire race. However, Holmes meets up with Chanes and finds out there is more than just random slaughter. He discovers a being fighting an addiction and works to turn the tables on the vampire community.

At least, that's what the press claims. However, Holmes is alive and well and taking advantage of his presumed death to travel the globe. Unfortunately, Holmes's plans are thwarted when a plague of vampirism haunts Britain. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Hardcover.

Title : Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London. After the events at Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes goes into hiding. However, he finds himself drawn back to London for a case from a very strange client. Individuals linked to the royal house are being brutally killed, and it is not the queen that has sent for him, but a demonic master vampire who needs Holmes to track down a rogue monster. With Watson and his wife being threatened, how can Holmes crack this case without handing over his soul to the proverbial devil? Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London is a solid graphic novel, though I am not personally all that fond of it. The art in this volume is stunning.

Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London is a graphic novel written by Sylvain Cordurie and illustrated by Laci about The Great Detective's post-Reichenbach return to London to face a plague of vampires available February 18, One such is this graphic novel by Sylvain Cordurie and Laci , translated from the original French. Mr Cordurie has taken two Victorian favorites, Sherlock Holmes and vampires, and not unsuccessfully synthesized them into a coherent, entertaining whole.
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Given the recent rise in interest in all things Sherlock, it should come as no surprise that a graphic novel called Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London should come along. The Reichenbach Falls is an interesting part of the Sherlock Holmes mythos, because it creates a sizeable gap in the chronology of the Holmes adventures that allows all sorts of nonsense to be slotted in by modern writers. This is the trick that Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London pulls at the very beginning, neatly ditching Doctor Watson and allowing the good detective to get on with the important work of chinning the undead. This does make the narrative a little problematic at times; without Watson, Holmes has no one to show off to. This means that all the cleverness comes from various reveals throughout, with the result that the characterisation is a little bit stilted.

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  1. Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London book. Read 56 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sherlock Holmes died fighting Professor.

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