West highland white terrier allergies

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west highland white terrier allergies

Pet Health & Wellness Tracker: West Highland White Terrier, Record Allergies, Immunizations, Medications, Treatment History, Feedings, Behavior, Pet Sitter Notes, and Important Contact Info by Larkspur & Tea Publishing

Keep your pet on the path of a healthy lifestyle with this fill-in Pet Health & Wellness Tracker. Easily record:

Key characteristics (special markings, weight, medical conditions, allergies, ID trackers, favorite toys, etc.)
Important contact info (veterinarian and groomer)
Feedings, treats, and mood
Veterinary treatments
Medications (name, given by, next due, etc.)
Pet sitter notes and duties
Overall wellness and daily/monthly pet behavior
This is the best way to log all the important information for the animal hospital and caretakers - in one place! This makes a great gift for someone with a new puppy or kitten, or rescue animal. It can even teach kids responsibility.

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West Highland White Terrier Dogs 101 Westie Facts

The breed is particularly affected by skin allergies, as well as the more common food and flea allergies.
Larkspur & Tea Publishing

Westie Dog Allergies

Already a member? Pet Owner Login Veterinarian Login. The West Highland White Terrier, commonly called a Westie, is a small, spirited, white dog originally bred in Scotland. Being purebreds, Westies face their share of health concerns that require special care and vigilance. In , the West Highland White Terrier Club conducted a health survey that found that 1 in 2 Westies had at least one of the following common health problems. Many of them are, sadly, incurable conditions that must be managed throughout your dog's life. In addition to conventional medication, advances in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, which uses low-level pulses of energy to stimulate cells' anti-inflammatory response, may offer relief to some affected dogs.

The West Highland white terrier is an adorable, mid-sized dog characterized by its pointy, triangular ears that stick straight up, its expressive eyes, protruding snout, and rich, fluffy white coat. Like many dogs, Westies are susceptible to allergies but by knowing the common allergy triggers for your Westie, you can remove these. You can also get your pet the treatment they need. One of the most reported Westie allergies is Malassezia dermatitis also known as the yeast infection of the skin, it is a skin fungus. Sometimes though, the yeast grows, leading to bald patches of skin throughout the body. Once you know your Westie has a skin condition, you have plenty of options but one of the most important steps to take first is to bring them to a veterinarian for a professional assessment and diagnosis. Your vet may prescribe topical or oral yeast treatment and is it recommended that you bathe your dog more often and maybe even use special anti-fungal shampoo.

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