Why are guys so self absorbed

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why are guys so self absorbed

Self Absorbed Quotes (33 quotes)

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Published 15.07.2019

4 Types of Narcissism

Run Away Now: How to Spot a Self-Centered Man, Instantly

Do you ever encounter people who seem to think that the rules of normal, respectful human interaction simply do not apply to them? Who think that the customs and practices of civilized society are only meant for other people to follow, and that the people who actually do adhere to those rules are just suckers? Me too. I am noticing that I am encountering a lot of these folks these days. And you know what else I have noticed?

We had a good hour long conversation about this topic, and I can quite honestly say it was rather eye opening when I put my ego aside for an hour. I just had to; some of the things she was telling me were quite hard to hear, but necessary I think. It sounds harsh me saying that, right? To her, this was a no brainer. I should have came down to help, but she had to sit there and wait for me. It was interesting what she said because she was taking into account for everyone there, Alex, her, and me.

There should be enough room for two egos in a relationship. When one ego is ballooning to the size of a blimp, then that is a cause for concern. You would never want to be caught in a relationship with a guy who thinks too highly of himself. A man who is too self-centered will most likely be a man who is selfish and who is always looking out for his own safety. If given the chance, he would probably end up using you as a human shield because he sees himself as far too valuable. The red flags of a conceited and narcissistic man are there for all to see.

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It's no wonder why self-centeredness is typically viewed as the most unappealing personality trait in a potential friend or partner. Most of us struggle to maintain a sense of compassion and understanding toward others. - Robert Pursell Robert Pursell.



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