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the teacher next door pdf

The Narcissist Next Door: Understanding the Monster in Your Family, in Your Office, in Your Bed--in Your World by Jeffrey Kluger

From an award-winning senior writer at Time, an eye-opening exploration of narcissism, how to recognize it, and how to handle it. 

The odds are good that you know a narcissist—probably a lot of them. The odds are also good that they are intelligent, confident, and articulate—the center of attention. They make you laugh and they make you think. The odds are also that this spell didn’t last.

Narcissists are everywhere. There are millions of them in the United States alone: entertainers, politicians, business people, your neighbors. Recognizing and understanding them is crucial to your not being overtaken by them, says Jeffrey Kluger, in his provocative new book about this insidious disorder.

With insight and wit, Kluger frames the surprising new research on narcissism and explains the complex, exasperating personality disorder. He reveals how narcissism and narcissists affect our lives at work and at home, on the road, and in the halls of government; what to do when we encounter narcissism; and how to neutralize its effects before it’s too late.

As a Time writer and science editor, Kluger knows how to take science’s new ideas and transform them into smart, accessible insights. Highly readable and deeply engaging, this book helps us understand narcissism and narcissists more fully.
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Teacher Next Door Program - The Dean's List Group @ Keller Williams

Hm... Are You a Human?

All teachers have that great teacher next door, down the hall, across campus, or somewhere, that has contributed to their success as an educator. Most teachers share their best tricks of the trade and ask nothing in return. Some spend countless hours after school and on weekends preparing detailed lesson plans with engaging activities. And many are more than happy to share those with their fellow teachers. Yes, there are some teachers who just depend on other teachers to do the work and they just take. However, this still does not deter the teacher next door from sharing. The teacher next door is the unsung hero of students they have never met and teachers they have helped polish strategies, implement best practices and support advancement in the field.

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My name is Jenn Larson and I have been an elementary teacher for over 20 years and have taught all grades at least once K - 5 , but upper elementary grades are my favorites! Teaching is in my blood as my mother and father were both teachers and one of my brothers works as a professor of history. My daughter is currently in college to become a third generation teacher! Besides teaching, I am a published author! My first book is called "Perfectly Logical! Teaching to the whole child is important to me and while I want my students to do well on standardized tests, and work towards that end, I have never felt that tests were the most important thing that I teach.

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