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stranger in the village pdf

The Stranger by Norman Whitney

When i was starting this story, the stranger for the Woodend village, Dave Slatin came to mind that he is a kind, rich man and prefers to live in peaceful quite village. So, he chose the Woodend village to live..i thought. Then i read further more and more...this book did not give me a chance to put it away for a while. Main thing to say is that Dave has a special room for the special visitors. The room was locked all the time. Anna was always surprised why the special visitors visited Special room to meet Dave Slatin. What for? Anna noticed that the visitors carried something with them and left their things in Special room as they went out the room. During reading, the reader I was hurried to know about Dave Slatin and i had same questions as Anna had thought. who Dave Slatin was..why the special visitors visited Dave...what the visitors met Dave for...what they are in Special room...etc🤔. When Anna confirmed the reason more and more, she felt frightened of him....

In the end, Dave Slatin told Anna that i have a power and i helped for the people who wanted to achieve/fulfill their wishes. Special visitors were those who were full of jealous, green-eyed people and they got success in bad ways with the power of Dave Slatin.

What a pitiful...Anna was dead without reason due to refused to marry with him after knowing all about Dave Slatin. He used his power to Anna and killed her. Then he suicided himself in fire. Who he was....He was a foul-mouthed that he could turn the good things into bad things. Dave Slatin was paid much by visitors and he used to fulfill their wishes. Their competitors disappeared on the way along their wishes and they got success.

I wondered and it is mystery for me why he suicided himself in fire without escaping

Foul-mouthed=хараалч хүн гэж авлаа.
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Village Kid - Strangers [Unreleased]

PDF | On Jan 1, , Cogeanu Oana and others published “James James Baldwin seminal essay “Stranger in the Village” is one of the.
Norman Whitney

The Stranger by Norman Whitney

It was late in the evening. He was lookingfor somewhere to stay the night. He knocked at a doorand a woman opened it. But can you help me, please? Is there a hotelin this village?

Stranger in the Village of the Sick: A Memoir of Cancer, Sorcery, and Healing

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  1. From all available evidence no black man had ever set foot in this tiny Swiss village before I came. I was told before arriving that I would probably be a "sight" for.

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