Ultimate guide to modern live caricature

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ultimate guide to modern live caricature

The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces by Tom Richmond

In The Mad Art of Caricature, award-winning caricaturist and illustrator Tom Richmond shares his secrets to creating great caricatures, drawing on his 25 years of experience teaching caricature techniques and producing award-winning humorous illustrations and caricatures for publications, books, advertising, video games, film, television animation, and clients like MAD Magazine. He examines what really makes a caricature successful, what to look for in a face, and how to draw it. Readers also learn how to apply this skill, whether its drawing live, theme-park-style caricatures, or creating caricature for publication work. Loaded with everything from basic theories and drawing instruction to professional tips and tricks, this book contains something for novices and experts alike. The Mad Art of Caricature! is the most comprehensive and complete how-to guide on the art of caricature ever published. With over 500 illustrations, its the definitive guide to the art of caricature.
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In this volume there is, I believe, a greater variety of pictures of a comic and satirical cast than was ever before presented at one view. Many nations, ancient and modern, pagan and Christian, are represented in it, as well as most of the names identified with art of this nature. The extraordinary liberality of the publishers, and the skill of their corps of engravers, have seconded my own industrious researches, and the result is a volume unique, at least, in the character of its illustrations. A large portion of its contents appeared in Harper's Monthly Magazine during the year ; but many of the most curious and interesting of the pictures are given here for the first time; notably, those exhibiting the present or recent caricature of Germany, Spain, Italy, China, and Japan, several of which did not arrive in time for use in the periodical. Generally speaking, articles contributed to a Magazine may as well be left in their natural tomb of "back numbers," or "bound volumes;" for the better they serve a temporary purpose, the less adapted they are for permanent utility. Among the exceptions are such series as the present, which had no reference whatever to the passing months, and in the preparation of which a great expenditure was directed to a single class of objects of special interest. I am, indeed, amazed at the cost of producing such articles as these.

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The word caricature likely conjures up images of street artists on boardwalks or outside museums working up quick, humorous sketches of visitors, to the delight or dismay of their subjects. But the exaggerated illustrations of caricature include a lot more than what you see on the boardwalk—and can be more art than kitsch. We spoke to three experts in the field about the subjects caricature artists love and hate to depict, the best way to make their job harder, what they do if you don't like their drawing, and how they can tell when you really don't want to sit for a portrait. Some of the greatest artists in history practiced caricature as a means to develop their skills. You had to be adept at drawing to know how to exaggerate," Owens says. From there, it spread to Britain, where it became so popular that publishing companies sprung up for the sole purpose of printing caricatures. Publishers also rented out portfolios of caricatures by the day, and hung prints in their windows, to which crowds flocked to see the latest depictions of a buffoonish Napoleon and laughable upper-crust fashions.

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A part of the proceeds went to benefit a caricaturist pal of mine who was seriously hurt and left impaired from a murderous attack a few years ago. I participated in the book, drawing 10 different models in my live graphite and airbrush style. The book is now out and available on Amazon! I would make a unique gift for someone who is interested in the art of caricature. Definitely a unique gift and for a worthy cause! I know books can guide the artist but I believe practicing is the key.

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  2. Comic and accessible, with great scope for invention, caricatures are a joy to draw.

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