Finding way back to each other

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finding way back to each other

Finding Love Quotes (74 quotes)

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Published 24.06.2019

Beyoncé - FIND YOUR WAY BACK (Official Audio)

If Two People Are Meant To Be Together, Eventually They’ll Find Their Way Back

Tell me, do you believe in destiny? Do you think that our life is predestined, written in the stars? Or you simply believe that life is one big chain of random events? They say if you love someone let them go. If they come back, they were always yours. Still in the same old place, still the same old me. And you are still gone.

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Sometimes, people meet at the wrong time in life. They are so right for each other, but not at that point in their story. I am a firm believer in the right time and the right place. I truly believe that there is this bigger plan that we are unaware of at the time because we're too close to the puzzle. That being said, I also believe in the idea of having faith in the one for you, whether you've already met that person or not. We have certain lessons to learn before we are ready for our soulmate. We have mistakes to make, and so much room to grow before we are worthy of committing to the person that is really meant for us.

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