Legend of zelda phantom hourglass tetra

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legend of zelda phantom hourglass tetra

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass by Akira Himekawa

Links friend Tetra is taken prisoner by a ghost ship, and Link falls overboard when he tries to save her. When he wakes up, he finds himself embarked on another fantastic quest! The discovery of the Phantom Hourglass sets Link on a journey to rescue Tetra, find the Sand of Hours and break the curse on the Temple of the Ocean King. Come aboard with Link for an amazing adventure on the high seas!
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The History Of TETRA (The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker)

Tetra's Pirates

Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch just released! We've listed pages that need updating, think you're up for the task? Take a look! Latest Announcements. Tetra is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. When Link first meets Tetra, she is being kidnapped by the Helmaroc King.

Shown here is the official prologue for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass , taken verbatim from the beginning of the game. Our story begins not long ago There was a young girl, savvy to the seas and head of a band of pirates. Her name was Tetra. She was pretty, brash, and brave. Tetra and her pirates set out to explore the vast and unfamiliar seas.

The game features 3D cel-shaded graphics with an overhead camera perspective, employs controls involving the console's touchscreen and microphone, and took advantage of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for online play until the service was discontinued in The game's story follows that of The Wind Waker , focusing on series protagonist Link 's journey to save his friend Tetra from the story's antagonist, Bellum, with the help of Captain Linebeck and his ship, the S. Critics were highly positive towards Phantom Hourglass. Its control scheme was praised, while criticism focused on its online features, which were considered too simple. Phantom Hourglass was the best-selling game in its first month in Japan, with , copies sold.

Tetra is a variation of Zelda , who appears in most cel-shaded games in The Legend of Zelda series.
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Zelda : Phantom Hourglass - Episode 14 - TETRA

Tetra is a tan, blond pirate girl and successor to her mother 's gang of pirates. A fearless and even merciless pirate, she seems, at first glance, cold and to care only about herself and treasure, but in reality is quite kind and caring for others. Despite being younger than her crew members, Tetra is still well-respected among them. She is often recognized by her signature pose, crossing her arms and winking. Spoiler warning : Plot or ending details follow. At the beginning of the game, Link finds Tetra in the Forest of Fairies , located on top of a mountain towards the back of Outset Island , after she is dropped there by the Helmaroc King. However, shortly thereafter, Link's sister Aryll is kidnapped by the same bird, which mistakes her for Tetra.


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