Picture of mustafa kemal ataturk

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picture of mustafa kemal ataturk

Atatürk: The Rebirth Of A Nation by John Patrick Douglas Balfour

With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War came the emergence of new nations, chief among them Turkey itself. It was the creation of one man, the soldier-statesman Mustafa Kemal, who dragged his country from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, and in defeating Western imperialists inspired the cause of the East. Lord Kinross writes of the intrigues of empires, the brutalities of civil war, personal courage - showing us Ataturk, the incarnation of glory - as well as of Kemals youthful ambition, and his problems with his wife.

Lord Kinrosss authoritative work remains the definitive biography of the father of modern Turkey, a powerful figure in the still-unfolding drama of the Middle East.
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Biography of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Part-2 - Nationalist leader, founder & first president of Turkey

His leadership undertook sweeping liberal reforms, which modernized Turkey into a secular, industrial nation. Establishing a provisional government in the present-day Turkish capital Ankara , he defeated the forces sent by the Allies , thus emerging victorious from what was later referred to as the Turkish War of Independence.
John Patrick Douglas Balfour

Kemal Atatürk

When Ataturk was 12, he was sent to military school and then to the military academy in Istanbul, graduating in In , he served against the Italians in Libya and then in the Balkan Wars Ataturk made his military reputation repelling the Allied invasion at the Dardanelles in In May , Ataturk began a revolution in Anatolia organising resistance to the victorious Allies. In , Ataturk established a provisional government in Ankara.

Atatürk: The Early Years

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the one man who you are going to see everywhere you go in Turkey. Displayed on the Turkish money, on flags and in shops, and offices, you will also see a statue of him in every town. It jogged my memory to tell you, as I was out the other day and there was a huge flag of him displayed next to the Turkish flag. You may spend all your holiday wondering who he is, as the Turkish people do not really talk about him that much but he was the founder of Turkey. As you can see from the facts above, he is a major part of Turkish history and modern-day life however, you do not actually hear many people talking about him unless you bring up the conversation. If you do, expect Turks to speak very highly of him. I too respect him as he has made Turkey a lovely and beautiful country that welcomes strangers and friends from all across the world.

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