Francine rivers books made into movies

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francine rivers books made into movies

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Unshaken- Francine Rivers

Aug 02, AM. I've actually been a member for a long time, however, this is the first posting that I've made in this group. So, I apologize if I should have commented somewhere else

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

With all the hype surrounding a certain sexually charged movie aimed at bringing in a large female audience I figured now would be a good time to write a little bit about a project that seeks to appeal to the female audience but do so by appealing to a different longing. A few years ago my wife was told about a novel called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, she ate it up. If you would ask her today what her favorite novel of all time was she would answer Redeeming Love. I personally have not read this book because it did not interest me enough to invest so much of my time to read it I love to read but I am slow she did get me to read the Mark of the Lion series by the same author and I loved those books. After my wife read this book and she handed it off to a few others and I saw how much this novel was loved I began to wonder, will this ever become a movie?

Francine Sandra Rivers born is an American author of fiction with Christian themes, including inspirational romance novels. Prior to becoming a born-again Christian in , Rivers wrote historical romance novels. She is best known for her inspirational novel Redeeming Love , while another novel, The Last Sin Eater has become a feature film. Francine Rivers is the daughter of a police officer and a nurse. From the time she was a child, Rivers wanted to be a published author. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno , where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and journalism.

It was an announcement that needed to come from Cantinas Entertainment first before I could jump in and start talking about it. Over the years, my agent has fielded numerous offers to make the novel into a movie, but none was the right fit until now. Our agreement keeps me in the loop. This book has always belonged to the Lord. The story comes straight out of the Bible from the book of Hosea which had a profound impact on my life and the course of my writing. So I have always been deeply concerned about relinquishing any part of it to anyone.

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Cassandra last edited Dec 10, AM Dec 10, AM After reading this around 2 years ago, I was only impacted by the surreal story-telling that Francine Rivers had made me experience. Afterwards and after re-reading the book a couple more times did I realise that this book has the makings of a great Historical Epic fit for the big screens. Caroline Friday, a novelist and an award-winning screenwriter discusses the book's makings of a "wonderful, compelling TV miniseries" if not, a movie. Edit: Link below for the article, to the interested. What do you all think? I think if the makes of 'Gladiator' poured their energy into this they would have another blockbuster on their hands. This story has all the elements to make it a good movie or mini series.

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