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music from the elder movie

Odyssey: The definitive examination of "Music From The Elder," KISS cult-classic concept album by Julian Gill

Shock people and throw them for a loop, Music From The Elder did. Upon its release in November 1981, the album was confusingly received by both KISS fans and the general public. By the time the calendar turned to 1982, the album was essentially a commercial failure. And KISS were already ready to move on. More than 30 years later, Music From The Elder has attained a cult-classic status among a segment of diehard KISS fans. A great part of the albums appeal lies in the mysterious conditions under which it was created. While Music From The Elder has been discussed in various music publications and KISS-related books, there has never been a concentrated effort to put this album under a historical microscope. Until now. Through a series of brand-new interviews, original features and related special content, KissFAQ will shine a spotlight on Music From The Elder like never before. More than 30 interviews were conducted with various individuals who either worked on the project or have a connection of sorts, including professionals who have never told their Elder story. These interviews will provide interesting insights and unique perspectives regarding the albums creative process and this fascinating period in KISStory, in addition to fun anecdotes and personal recollections. A series of topical features will shed more light on KISS activity in 1981 and early 1982 and dissect the album further with in-depth musical analysis, biographical information on the albums participants, a revised KissFAQ Album Focus, and much more...
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Kiss - The Oath (Live On Fridays)

Music From 'The Elder': the true story of Kiss’ epic folly

The once-mighty KISS was in a weird place as the s dawned. They'd ruled the hard rock scene for the latter half of the s, but their empire was beginning to crumble in the new decade. KISS unwisely continued flirting with slick, radio-friendly pop rock o n 's Unmasked, which struggled to achieve Gold sales status in the U. Stung by the mostly-negative reception to Unmasked , the four KISS members - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and new drummer Eric Carr - called a meeting with manager Bill Aucoin and together they decided that an even bigger change was in order to revive their fortunes. For reasons that remain unclear to this day, KISS somehow came to the conclusion that the best way to turn their ship around was to record

But the movie was never made, and the album was an overblown disaster. By , Kiss were in chaos. The story of The Elder , written by Simmons during a stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel, was allegedly a metaphor for good and evil. And when darkness gets too strong, a hero is born to restore the balance. Blackwell and choral folly A World Without Heroes. Ace Frehley hated the concept of The Elder ; he ended up recording just one song for the album, Dark Light.

Music from "The Elder" is the ninth studio album released by American rock band Kiss. The album marked a substantial departure from their previous output with its epic concept and orchestral elements: its sales were so poor that Kiss did not embark on a supporting tour for the first time in its eight-year history, opting instead to make a handful of promotional appearances. While " A World Without Heroes " was later performed on the band's MTV Unplugged appearance, Kiss have largely avoided live performances of songs from the album following initial promotional appearances in Kiss was in the midst of a transitional phase as the s began. Peter Criss was not involved in the recording of 's Unmasked : he officially left Kiss in May of the same year. His replacement Eric Carr was officially introduced in July.

Elder The Movie 30 years later the odyssey begins a Seb Hunter film, In the rock band KISS released a concept album entitled (Music From) The Elder.
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First of all, sincere apologies for the lack of updates recently. We are not dead, we are just readjusting somewhat on the sidelines. Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. Yes we are still here. Tweaking, twiddling, eking, fiddling. Seb Hunter is a writer, musician and film-maker. He lives in Winchester, Hampshire, with his wife and two young children.

Not the poppy, disco-inflected sheen of Dynasty , and not even the self-implosion of Unmasked could have prepared fans for the overblown, vacuous narcissism of Music From the Elder , which came out on Nov. Feeling the urge to make a bold, larger-than-life statement following the commercial collapse of Unmasked, Kiss decided to come back swinging with hard-hitting songs that resembled their pre-"Love Gun" material. In addition, the band felt that only an ambitious, concept album would gain them back the credibility they lost when they softened their sound and the respect they never received from mainstream critics. The story is told from the perspective of The Boy, who battles adversity and self-doubt during his training, but ultimately turns out to be as confident and self-assured as Gene Simmons in a sorority house. To prevent anyone from hearing what they were up to, Ezrin and the band worked in total isolation.

The film has so far not been acknowledged or sanctioned by Kiss or their management. In April , a new, synthetic variant of the bird-flu virus H5N1 was 'accidentally' released into South East England by American pharmaceutical giant Blackwell Corp, as a consequence of which, Ten years after this unprecedented catastrophe, in the continued absence of any centralised infrastructure, Blackwell Steve Webster himself now personally oversees the remaining 0. The Citizenship's highest honour is to become one of the Chosen - the latest of whom, just a boy Billy Mackie , who must be escorted from the West Country across the deserted English countryside by Father Morpheus Owen Oakeshott , to Blackwell's laboratory on the Isle of Wight. But the English countryside is far from deserted, and Father Morpheus drinks a lot of whiskey. He claims there's an alternative, but then he says a lot of strange things. When there's no one left to ask, who exactly are you supposed to trust?

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