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venus in fur movie download

Venus in Fur by David Ives

A young playwright, Thomas, has written an adaptation of the 1870 novel Venus in Fur by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (after whom the term “masochism” was coined); the novel is the story of an obsessive adulterous relationship between a man and the mistress to whom he becomes enslaved. At the end of a long day in which the actresses Thomas auditions fail to impress him, in walks Vanda, very late and seemingly clueless, but she convinces him to give her a chance. As they perform scenes from Thomas’s play, and Vanda the actor and Vanda the character gradually take control of the audition, the lines between writer, actor, director, and character begin to blur. Vanda is acting . . . or perhaps she sees in Thomas a masochist, one who desires fantasy in “real life” while writing fantasies for a living.   An exploration of gender roles and sexuality, in which desire twists and turns in on itself, Venus in Fur is also a witty, unsettling look at the art of acting—onstage and off.  
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Venus In Fur US TRAILER (2014) - Roman Polanski Movie HD

Venus in Fur

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You'd be hard pressed to imagine a more seemingly perfect match of director and material than Roman Polanski and "Venus in Fur. Polanski's second stage adaptation in a row after " Carnage " is a two-character play set almost entirely within a Paris theater, and mostly on a stage. Along the way we get to know their histories, their kinks, their fears and yearnings. Their relationship is about sex and art, but mostly it's about power. In this play's version of reality and the film's, which is simpatico women are second-class citizens socially but trump men in their ability to inspire awe and cause misery.

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Based on the Tony Award-winning Broadway play by David Ives, which itself was based on Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's groundbreaking novella, VENUS IN.
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The first time I ever saw Emmanuelle Seigner I was a 15 year old grunge kid, and she was the gorgeous vulnerable seductress Mimi, intertwined in her husband Roman Polanski's fatally passionate love story Bitter Moon. This was a time when the glamour of pictures was still very fresh to me, when artists and their work presented a parallel form of archetypes, so if Polanski, just like Goddard, Kubrick and Scorsese was a Master, Emanuelle was in all of her right his Muse and together they formed the ideal power couple of that time. Twenty years later in their newest collaboration Venus in Fur based on the play by David Ives, which was itself based on Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novella of the same name those archetypes still ring true. Venus in Fur opens with Vanda Emmanuelle Seigner as the foul mouth, vulgar, unprepared actress walking in late for a theater audition. When Emmanuelle walks in for our interview, I am mesmerized.

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