The book is always better than the movie

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the book is always better than the movie

The BOOK was BETTER than the MOVIE (1498 books)

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Published 09.06.2019

Public Speaking Shreyeska silwal Books are always better than the Movies

It's become a popular trend to make movies based off of movies. Unfortunately, if you have read that book, the movie will times out of ten disappoint you greatly. The movie just never seems to do the book justice.
J.K. Rowling

Why the Book Is Always Better Than the Movie

David Ehrlich. Popular on Indiewire. A sky-riding pirate captain who loves his crew, abhors violence, and secretly relishes in corsets and frilly skirts, he was a quirky role to which Robert De Niro brought froth and fearless fun. Frankly, I prefer a film be a curious interpretation of its source novel, rather than a dogged book report, desperately checking off plot points and name checking minor characters in search of extra credit. The book feels like reading an unfinished screenplay that just lays out the shape of the plot.

But why is that so? Below, six reasons books almost always take the cake. Filmmakers, consider this your cheat sheet for bringing book-based movies more up to snuff. Without the actual writers sitting by their side, filmmakers are left to play the telephone game on a grand stage. And, as anyone who has frequented a book club or two knows, there are many different ways to interpret a book.

The Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones

The original novel published in , written by John Ball, is a story of Virgil Tibbs, a Negro homicide investigator. The death of orchestra-conductor Enrico Mantoli and a series of other events lead up to him in charge of a murder investigation in Wells, Carolina. This is much to. Books have been the inspiration for many movies and television series throughout the cinematic years. Film directors bring the books to life; allowing the devoted readers a chance to see their beloved stories become real. Some of these adaptations have been immensely successful, giving many of the actors a big name in the film industry, such as The Hunger Games and Pretty Little Liars. The reason Hanson describes the movie in a positive way is because he stresses that the movie captures the physical characteristics and morals of the battle perfectly.

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  1. The book is always better than movie. There's a reason that this is true. If you read the book first, you've already created the picture in your mind.

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