If you love someone you should never hurt them

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if you love someone you should never hurt them

Hurting Quotes (153 quotes)

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Published 02.06.2019

If you love someone - Free audio

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There are certain people to whom you're attracted who are just plain toxic, regardless of whether you're dating or just hooking up. There's an insatiable irresistibility about these people, in the way that they are close enough to you just to be out of reach. It's like you are constantly grasping for the threads of hope they dangle in front of you, whether intentional or not, but you somehow still find your fingers slipping into thin air. You love seeing this person's name light up on your phone. You would do anything to see him or her genuinely smile. You crave the way he or she looks at you when you're alone together.

There is a person in my life who I love with all my heart, but in this relationship I struggle to keep a full cup myself. They are family, the situation is complicated and tender. But learning to have compassion for this other person begins with having compassion for myself. A nasty divorce spanning most of my childhood set the stage for our current situation. My mother was deeply emotionally wounded by my father, and carried that pain into her parenting of my sister and me.

A/N Ok so if you don't follow me or whatever, I'm doing a teaser chapter kind of thing because I want to do an AHS story. So I'll be doing one for.
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