Prayer for a girl you love

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prayer for a girl you love

Praying For Love Quotes (11 quotes)

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Published 01.06.2019

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Let's do that together for the next 9 days. I'll post a prayer, based on based on God's word, for our girls to become the girl He wants – a girl filled with love, joy.

A Prayer for Love

If you want your girlfriend, friend or wife to have a great day, these good morning prayer messages for her can help. With these prayer messages, you can make sure that your girlfriend is ready to face all of the challenges and rewards of the day ahead of her. You can use these messages as they are written or change them up for a more personal message. It is a brand new day that the Lord has made for us! Through him, we will find success, peace and joy in all that we do. Good morning, my love! In everything that you do today and every day, may you find God in all of his magnificence.

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A prayer for love has to be something you do no a regular basis. Love and relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, because our relationships will either lift us up, or tear us down. It took me a while to grasp how to pray for love. But it takes me a while to turn to prayer. Prayer is the act by which we mentally hand over our problems, concerns, fears, desires, and dreams to someone who actually has the power to control.

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  1. Prayers For Your Girlfriend To Strengthen Your Relationship. by Davis 2: Dear God, keep the love of my life safe within Your arms. Help her.

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