Im special because god has loved me

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im special because god has loved me

God Quotes (18604 quotes)

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Published 25.05.2019

I Am Special, Loved, Accepted and Forgiven - Elevation Kids (Lyrics)

I'm Special by Graham Kendrick

Affirmations are words stated that confirm or acknowledge what we perceive to be is the truth. All throughout our lives, we have been the recipient of many and varied statements. Some of these are positive while others are negative. Without even us knowing it, the statements formed part of our reality and eventually led us to believe in either of the two concepts: You are special or you are not special. When I was a little girl, I experienced the lack of positive affirmations. And this led me to my own conclusion and perception that I was not special. This thought kept me from finding my wings and learning to fly and it crippled me in many ways.

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There is also a version of this video with words that can be used as a reading. The words are by Carol Owens. The words are by Henry Francis Lyte.

I believe that the only way I have survived suspension without becoming ill from the stress, has been due to my faith in God and his faith in me. It has not been easy and the love of my very special family and friends, and the many prayers prayed, have all played a vital part. The strategies for coping, listed on the site, are all important. But when I was feeling very low and alone, I needed something or someone more. I have been a Christian since a young teenager.

A few days ago I was talking with my three-year old. And sometimes I think three-year olds should be in charge because in their simplicity and understanding they are brilliant. As I was talking with Hudson I told him he is so special and loved by mommy and daddy. And he got mad. Down right angry. And I started to get a little frustrated that it kind of felt like he was rejecting a bit of my care and love for him. Just as I was feeling a little inwardly unsure about what to do, Hudson said this.

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