Red scarf girl chapter 12 summary

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red scarf girl chapter 12 summary

Red Scarf Girl — Reader Q&A

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Red Scarf Girl ch. 4

Red Scarf Girl

All rights reserved. She's weaker and Ji-li starts to worry about her. Instead of going to school, Ji-li stays at home to do more chores. She cooks, cleans, sews, and worries. Then she repeats the cycle once more. One day Lin-lin shows up from school. Ji-li has been missing a lot lately, and her friend wanted to check in on her.

Reader Q&A

The Red Scarf Girl. Know that we checked the summary to make sure it was correct and used our sources brain to contemplate if that was reliable enough.

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Before this time, her family was very stable. Ji Li was a respectable girl, who wore her red scarf around her neck, received very high marks in school, and was the top of her class. When Ji Li was twelve-year-old when the Cultural Revolution started. Ji Li does very well in school and is very successful. One day she gets called down to the principles office. A liberation army recruiter came to the school to select some children for the Central Liberation Army Arts Academy; Ji Li was chosen to attend the school.

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