Albert michelson speed of light

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albert michelson speed of light

Albert Abraham Michelson Quotes (Author of Experimental Determination of the Velocity of Light Made at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis)

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Nobel Prize Winner Albert Abraham Michelson

He was the founder and the first head of physics department of the University of Chicago.

A.A. Michelson

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Knowing its precise value is critical to understanding almost everything in the universe, from measuring the distance between stars to precisely locating where you are, such as with GPS. Galileo was the first to attempt to calculate the speed, by shining lanterns across hilltops in Various quirky methods followed. So what would you use to measure this universal standard? Albert A. Michelson had a new idea.

As mentioned, Charles Walcott stepped down just as the Academy was beginning to occupy its new quarters and Albert Michelson — took his place. Michelson had been born in what is now Poland, but his parents had decided to come to the United States when he was still a child. They settled in California and Nevada where his father had considerable success while serving as one of the purveyors to the mines in the area. Young Albert had his basic education in the schools of San Francisco. On reaching college age in he decided that he would like to go to the Naval Academy as an appointee from the state of Nevada where the family was based at the time. The story goes that three competitors for the position became involved in a tie and it was not clear what would happen next. Apparently young Michelson went to Washington on one of the newly operating transcontinental trains and made an appointment to see President Grant.

In 1931, a corrugated steel tunnel figured in one of history’s greatest science experiments.

The Speed of Light Exhibits. One of the most famous experiments in all human endeavor is the measurement and understanding of the Speed of Light., December 19 Strzelno, Kingdom of Prussia. Albert Abraham Michelson surname pronunciation anglicised as "Michael-son" December 19, — May 9, was a Prussian -born American physicist.

He received the Nobel Prize for Physics. Michelson came to the United States with his parents when he was two years old. At age 17 Michelson entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, where he did well in science but was rather below average in seamanship. He graduated in and served as science instructor at the academy from until In Michelson began work on what was to be the passion of his life, the accurate measurement of the speed of light. He was able to obtain useful values with homemade apparatuses.

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While in Europe, Michelson began constructing an interferometer, a device designed to split a beam of light in two, send the parts along perpendicular paths, then bring them back together. If the light waves had, in the interim, fallen out of step, interfererence fringes of alternating light and dark bands would be obtained. From the width and number of those fringes, unprecedently delicate measurements could be made, comparing the velocity of light rays travelling at right angles to each other. It was Michelson's intention to use the interferometer to measure the Earth's velocity against the "ether" that was then thought to make up the basic substratum of the universe. If the Earth were travelling through the light-conducting ether, then the speed of the light travelling in the same direction would be expected to be equal to the velocity of light plus the velocity of the Earth, whereas the speed of light travelling at right angles to the Earth's path would be expected to travel only at the velocity of light.

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