Goblins 2 oh my god

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goblins 2 oh my god

Gods and Goblins, Oh My! (Gods, #1) by Crymsyn Hart

Every spell Kalli casts explodes in her face. Going to bed disgusted, she awakes to find a gorgeous, naked man in her bed. Ensnared, the witch discovers that her naked burglar is a god named Lugh. Kalliope yearns to be touched by him, but before that can happen, another prowler enters into her life. Cromm, a death god, comes to collect on a promise made before she was born. While trying to escape him, she finds herself spirited away into a realm of gods and goblins. There Lugh’s ex-lover captures Kalli, keeping her prisoner in an oak tree. While imprisoned, Kalliope meets a goddess who gives her three magickal apples. From the first bite, her world changes forever. The witch is now the newest magickal being on the block. Who will win Kalliope? Only time will tell, and she doesn’t have much of that left, oh my!
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Troll 2 - Darren Ewing's & Deborah Reed's INFAMOUS performance (OMG!!!)

Due to the scene's low production value and poor acting, it became the subject of several remix and parody videos on YouTube. On September 8th, , YouTuber Veovisjohn uploaded a clip of the scene, which received over 3.
Crymsyn Hart


The plot concerns a family pursued by vegetarian goblins who seek to transform them into plants so that they can eat them. Although produced under the title Goblins , United States distributors were skeptical about the film's chances to succeed as a standalone film and renamed it Troll 2 in an attempt to market it as a sequel to the Empire Pictures film Troll. The film's production was rife with difficulties, largely revolving around the language barrier between the Italian-speaking crew and English-speaking cast, and producer Joe D'Amato 's approach to low-budget film making. The resulting film has come to be evaluated as one of the worst ever made. In subsequent years, the film gained a cult following and garnered a large fanbase.

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  1. Note that not a single troll appears in the film, nor is the word "troll" spoken once.

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