The love of my life

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the love of my life

Drawn into Love (Fluke My Life #4) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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I thought Drawn Into Love was a great addition to the Fluke My Life series. Lucas was the epitome of an ARR hero with his instant possessiveness and attraction to Courtney. I loved how invested into their relationship he became in such a short time, which is what I always look forward to from these heroes. Was it a little over the top? Yes. But in the best way possible that had me swooning all over the place.

Courtney was also a super likable character and I admired how she was able to move on from the life she was living and make a better one for herself. I really felt for her sometimes when she was struggling with losing people close to her but then I was cheering her on for finding more people and letting them love her just as much.

I did get a little iffy about some things from Lucas past that were brought up. I would have been okay with it for the most part, and honestly I was expecting it, but in the end it just didnt seem to add anything to the story so then I was wondering why it was in there to begin with. But the ending of the book gave me all the closure I needed and I chose to just put these issues out of my head.

Overall, I highly recommend reading this book. Its part of a series and you do see some of the past characters but can be read as a standalone with no problem.

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