A day in the life of sadhguru

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a day in the life of sadhguru

Sadhguru Quotes (Author of Inner Engineering)

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Published 11.05.2019

Getting a Taste of Life - Sadhguru

How to live a meaningful life? Sadhguru explains

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Jaggi Vasudev [2] born 3 September , often referred to as simply Sadhguru , [2] [a] is an Indian yogi , mystic , [5] and author.
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Q: How does one balance work and life and especially family and children? Sadhguru: Your work has to be lived, and your life has to be worked at. And there is no such thing as work and life, it is life and life. If your work is not life, I do not see why you should do it. Your work also is life.

Sadhguru: Just spend a minute to identify at least one thing in your life that is not necessary and kill that today. You must kill something about you that is unnecessary for your life. Decide on something that you can do and that you will do. This is how to transform your life — by taking small steps. Identify something specific that you will be better off without, where you can take a concrete step today — it does not matter how small it is.

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  2. He eats twice a day: at around a.m. and around p.m. Source: Sadhguru's videos and The Way of the Masters - Life Positive.

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