How to insult french people

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how to insult french people

Insult Quotes (354 quotes)

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Published 21.04.2019

6 Things To NEVER Say To A French Person - What Not To Do While In France

Say that stuff to a French person's face and chances are you've made them really angry. Here we've listed some of the worst things you can say to a French man or woman. With the amount of stereotypes we have about the French and our propensity for 'French bashing' it’s no wonder.

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In Monty Python and the Grail there is a scene with a the keeper of a French castle that is misplaced in England. The character has a variety of insults for the cast of Monty Python who come in search of the Holy Grail. Neither of these insults really exist in France, but for a laugh you can watch an excerpt of the Monty Python scene here:. This habit will put you on a better starting point with the French and make it less likely that any insults will be said in the first place. In addition, when you speak a different language, your mind becomes less sensitized to the gravity of the insults coming from your very own mouth.

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So if you want to hold onto your French friends then check out this list of ten things you should never say to a French person. Ten things you should never say to a French person. France's news in English Search. News categories Marseille Lyon Toulouse More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center.

Many modern French slang words come from other words having been inverted. This is an easy one to slip into conversation without sounding too forced. This can be used in numerous ways, but it certainly is not a pleasant word. It is basically used to describe anything that is a pain in the ass, be that a person or a situation. How annoying! With all the culinary delights of France , this word is sure to be useful!

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