We rise by lifting each other

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we rise by lifting each other

Quote by Robert Ingersoll: “We rise by lifting others.”

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Published 14.04.2019

LIFT: We Rise By Lifting Others

We Rise By Lifting Others

There is sometimes a negative connotation attached to the nightlife industry. As an organization, Gaslamp District Media [GDM] works with many different venues, companies and individuals within the industry and seeks to demonstrate the positive influence the industry can have on the community. One of the great privileges of operating a small business is having the power to make a difference in the community through involvement and by standing against poverty, social injustices and more. Small businesses can make the world a better place — not just by selling great products or offering great services, but by actively collaborating with organizations to create opportunities for the next generation, to help people in need and to strengthen our community. The purpose of nonprofits and charities is to meet one or more needs in a community, often by filling the gap between the public and privet sectors. But these organizations also need funding and volunteers to help accomplish their goals, especially small, local nonprofits.

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Words that light you up and spread a little love, kindness and encouragement. I would not be exaggerating to say those gals and communities were pivotal in my healing. Even better? They continue to be so every day! True story…I get stressed, have sleepless nights, become overly anxious at times, eat too much dark chocolate and still even after my blazing corporate burnout feel overwhelmed trying to juggle too many things!

We rise by lifting others up. Our hearts grow, and find happiness, when we grab their hand and hoist them up. In our natural state, we are made to be compassionate and kind. Kindness is a genetic necessity for human survival. The trust and cooperation that is only allowed through giving, allows us to support one another when the going is tough. There is something truly profound about giving, and when we do it makes it hard to grasp why we fall prey to the mind that glorifies selfishness as a route to peace and happiness. The mind often times tries to talk the heart out of being generous and kind.

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