Good sex positions for the shower

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good sex positions for the shower

Cosmos Aqua Kama Sutra: 25 Sex Positions for the Tub, Shower, Pool, and More by Cosmopolitan Magazine

This spring, Cosmo will make another big splash with the follow-up to the blockbuster bestseller The Cosmo Kama Sutra! With 100% waterproof pages and 25 wet-n-wild passion poses, this get-it-on guide is what every couple needs to make their slippery sexcapades extra steamy.

Cover your rubber duckys eyes! Cosmopolitan is back with The Cosmo Aqua Kama Sutra. These 25 passion poses, from the “Tub Tango” to the “The Deep Water Dare,” have been specially designed to make every couples wanton water adventure a success. Just like its pulse-racing predecessor, Cosmos newest carnal companion is packed with colorful illustrations, detailed instructions and tips to intensify every erotic moment. Plus, there are “Lust Lessons” throughout to answer readers most burning booty questions, including a primer that covers everything they need to know about sex in the water to a lusty list of aquatic accoutrements. And heres the bonus: the pages are waterproof, so daring duos can take this book into the pool, hot tub, shower, sea, or wherever the tawdry tides take them. So pick up a copy of The Cosmo Aqua Sutra and discover a whole new meaning to the H2Ohhhh!   
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Published 10.03.2019

Top 7 Sex Positions - Make Her Come FAST - Deep Penetrating SEX

10 Steamy Shower Sex Positions That PROMISE Hot, Wet Orgasms

Who doesn't get a little turned on when their partner joins them in the shower? The cascading water, the steam, the delicious aromas wafting through the air, and the spanking-clean, naked skin are total aphrodisiacs. But let's be real: Shower sex ain't easy to pull off. All the same things that make it so hot—the slipperiness, the crammed quarters—also make it logistically challenging. To get it on without slipping and sliding all over the place, try one of these 10 shower sex positions.

Both of you can lather each other up with a loofah and spend a while talking and relaxing after a long day at work. As turning on as having sex under the shower can be, it also creates an emotional connection between you and your partner. Now and then, both of you may not be keen to have sex after a tiring day. At times like these, getting under the shower can be the best thing to rejuvenate yourselves and feel grateful for having each other. So are you ready to have a wild time under the shower and feel connected at the same time? Having sex in the shower can be an unpredictable experience. It can seem like fun when both of you are horny.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. There seems to be a never-ending quest to conquer shower sex, and the number of tips are almost endless. You think that one-legged standing sex position is going to work out for you and then … it really doesn't. You wind up with this awkward, dry humping and grinding situation that often ends in frustration and general angst. So is having good sex in the shower even worth trying?

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. Sophie Saint Thomas. Unfortunately, shower sex is sometimes a better idea than actual sexual activity. Showers are wet and slippery, which can lead to some awkward fumbling or even injury and nothing is more of a mood-killer than blaring ambulance sirens. Not to mention, if you have kids, your shower might be filled with your little ones' less-than-sexy bath toys — which is adorable, but not exactly orgasmic.

Sure, shower sex sounds hot and steamy. In the end, you basically spend most of the time trying to get more of the nice warm water than your partner. But what if I told you there are some shower sex positions that actually work… imagine that! Here are some tried and tested shower sex positions that will have you moaning, for the right reasons. If you only have room to stand up, turn your back to the wall while your partner wraps their arms around you teasing your nipples and biting on your earlobes. Increasing the anticipation will make the next steps so much hotter….

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  1. Aug 2, Shower sex can be dangerous (and not all that great). These 10 positions—and 6 tips—from a sex therapist will guarantee safe, hot shower sex.

  2. Feb 14, Read on for our favorite go-to shower sex positions and gear up for some which is nice because it's so intimate (and you get a good view).

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