Gifts for blind and deaf

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gifts for blind and deaf

Quote by Primo Levi: “...the seas only gifts are harsh blows and, oc...”

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Published 10.03.2019

Teen steps up to help blind and deaf man in random act of kindness

New tech helps deaf-blind people ‘watch’ TV

Choosing a gift for someone who has lost their vision presents a special type of challenge. Instead of it being visually appealing, you need to focus on their other senses, especially touch and sound. Here are some common gift ideas for the visually challenged and a few that are downright genius. If you are buying for someone who loves to play games, why not a domino set made just for the blind? Each domino has a rough texture on the back to keep it from sliding, and tactile dots and line on the front for easy reading.

Over the years, the VisionAware peer advisors and contributors have come up with an awesome list of gift suggestions for your loved ones who are blind or visually impaired. Use their gift ideas to make your shopping a little easier. Want to purchase a gift for someone on your shopping list who is blind or visually impaired? There are lots of things to choose from, some of which are specially adapted for people with vision loss, including simple gifts such as large print or braille games or cards that the two of you can play together. Sometimes the togetherness is the most important part! You can find these products and much more through VisionAware's Helpful Products section, which has links to the AFB product database as well as to specialty catalogs. Read AccessWorld to learn more about accessible products.

While we've covered gift ideas for those who are blind, hard of hearing, and more , we've yet to offer a list for those who are deaf-blind.
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Blind and deaf babies often suffer from language deprivation issues because they are not properly exposed to the external environment. Ignoring the symptoms will delay the communication and cognitive development that might cause issues in the future. These babies and children have the capability to learn if you can provide them with the right product. Raising a deaf or blind child might take some patience and best baby learning toys can make the task easier. It is possible for you to find a large number of toys that have been specifically designed for the use of blind babies.

I have attended many of these days and they are always amazing. I see my heroes everywhere on Deaf blind Awareness Day, Carl among them. The feeling of community, of family, is overwhelming and the stories of success are uplifting. I received a gift at the event this year. Awards were presented to people who had impacted the deaf blind community. I was given a small sculpture made by a deafblind artist in Spain.

Infants who are visually impaired may be premature or medically fragile, and so may not be interested in reaching out and exploring the world at the same age as other babies. Sometimes friends and family members give them visually cute soft plush toys because they are soft and safe. For little ones with vision this is fine, but babies who are blind may not like such toys. Having soft things around is fine, but look for variety. Another issue for infants and kids of all ages is plastic toys.

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