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benedict cumberbatch khan noonien singh

Star Trek: Khan by Mike Johnson

The framing of this book is set post-Star Trek Into Darkness but as it’s Khan’s origin story it’s set mostly in the past.

How does a white guy get an Asian name like Khan Noonien Singh? Plastic surgery! Wha… ? Yeah, there’s a few weird revelations about Khan here. Like how he started life as an Indian orphan and became tyrant of Earth in the late 20th century without, somehow, leaving any records from the time to verify this!

Fair play to Mike Johnson, he tries his best to plug the holes in that movie’s awful script with this comic. We learn about where the magic blood came from (shades of Captain America) and some of the blanks as to Admiral Robocop’s motivations and how Khan fit into them are filled in (like why he was turned into a white guy with an English accent). There’s an ok Frankenstein’s Monster-type storyline here leading to James Bond-type villainy.

Because Khan’s written as a loner, his closeness to his dozens of followers (the ones in the torpedoes) is unconvincing and that was the part that really needed to hit home in order for the reader to buy into why Khan’s doing any of this. That and how they came to be floating in space in cryo-sleep for so long, as well as the lack of records on them (come on, we have records on major bad guys from 300 years ago and older!), really took me out of the story.

The art’s not much to write home about. The characters are drawn like the cast of the Abrams movies. Yay…?

It was a decent comic until the final act when Mike Johnson fails to make sense out of the movie’s moronic script. It’s not his fault that Into Darkness was a mess but the movie’s stupidity does taint anything it comes into (first) contact with, including this book.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan Noonien Singh

Deepanjana Pal. Khan is one of the more legendary villains in the annals of Star Trek. He first appeared in , in an episode called Space Seed , when Captain James T Kirk chanced upon an abandoned ship while boldly going forth where tv series and blockbuster sequels go.
Mike Johnson

Why not pick an Indian to play Khan in Star Trek?

Star Trek Into Darkness blasted into theaters on May 16, The second reboot feature directed by J. To celebrate the occasion, StarTrek. Man, we love the earliest moments of STID , with Kirk and Bones doing their Indiana Jones bit, Spock ready to die in a volcano, the Nibirans and their super-cool-looking planet and more. And, though the visuals were awesome, we admit we're still not entirely sold on the submerged Enterprise. It's four minutes of pulse-pounding, pure adrenalin as Kirk and Khan space jump from the Enterprise to the Vengeance , dodging a barrage of galactic junk along the way.

Whereas the J. Since this week is the 31st anniversary of the release of The Wrath of Khan, let's do a compare and contrast for five key categories. Well, in terms of sheer proximity, I guess Britain is closer. Plus, the U. Cumberbatch may be a great actor, but the casting here doesn't make sense.

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Khan Noonien Singh or simply, Khan , was the most prominent of the genetically-engineered Human Augments of the late- 20th century Eugenics Wars period on Earth. Considered genocidal tyrants who conquered and killed in the name of order, Khan and his kind were frozen in cryogenic sleep. In the 23rd century , Khan was revived by Admiral Alexander Marcus to design weapons and ships to prepare for war against the Klingon Empire. He was given a new identity, that of John Harrison , an English Starfleet commander. Khan, however, rebelled, and after believing his crew had been killed, he began a one-man campaign against Starfleet. After gaining his revenge on Admiral Marcus, he was later stopped by the crew of the USS Enterprise and returned to cryogenic sleep.

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  1. Khan Noonien Singh (or simply, Khan), was the most prominent of the genetically -engineered Human Augments of the lateth Benedict Cumberbatch.

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