Mozart concerto in g major

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mozart concerto in g major

Mozart Flute Concerto No. 1 in G Major, K. 313 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Originally commissioned by Dutch flautist Ferdinand De Jean to write four flute quartets and three flute concerti, Mozart only completed two flute concerti. The first, K. 313 in G major, is provided here, with a piano reduction by August Horn in lieu of the orchestral score. Both the piano score and the flute part are included in two separate, spiral bound volumes.

Like all Polonius editions, these books are printed on smooth, heavy, cream-colored paper. Musicians will delight in the spiral binding, which allows the scores to lie flat when opened to any page.

- 29 pages (piano score) and 9 pages (flute part)

- Reprinted from Breitkopf & Hartel edition
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Soyoung Yoon plays Mozart: Violin Concerto in G Major, Sinfonia Concertante in E flat Major


The Violin Concerto No. Solo violin , two violins, viola , cello , double bass , two horns , two oboes except second movement , two flutes only in the second movement. The Allegro is in sonata form , opening with a G major theme played by the orchestra. The main theme is a bright and happy discussion between the solo violin and the accompaniment, followed by a modulation to the dominant D major , then to its parallel key D minor. It experiments in other keys but does not settle and eventually heads back to the tonic , G major, in the recapitulation. The second movement is in ternary form in the dominant key of D major.

The Flute Concerto No. Commissioned by the Dutch flautist Ferdinand De Jean in , Mozart was supposed to provide four flute quartets and three flute concertos , yet he only completed two of the three concertos, K. The piece is scored for a standard set of orchestral strings , two oboes which are replaced with two flutes in the Adagio movement , and two horns. The piece is divided into three movements :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Flute Concerto in G major No. Mozart The young composer, a copy of a lost painting.

How many times have you practiced the opening phrase of Mozart flute concerto in G Major? My guess is a LOT! No wonder: you wish to have a big sound, yet not to crack the first note, or the low D; You wish to sound majestic, yet not heavy; You wish to sound light, yet to be present; You wish to play with clear, short staccato, yet not to rush. Each one of these aspects represents a different challenge we have to address and control. Practice advice: Start the phrase few time without your tongue — just with the air. It will be easier than to recognize the exact spot you have to direct your air to and the right air speed you would need to the G.

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