Who was abraham lincoln kids

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who was abraham lincoln kids

Who Was Abraham Lincoln? by Janet B. Pascal

Born to a family of farmers, Lincoln stood out from an early age--literally! (He was six feet four inches tall.) As sixteenth President of the United States, he guided the nation through the Civil War and saw the abolition of slavery. But Lincoln was tragically shot one night at Fords Theater--the first President to be assassinated. Over 100 black-and-white illustrations and maps are included.
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I am Abraham Lincoln - Children's Books Read Aloud

He served as president from to , during the American Civil War.
Janet B. Pascal

Abraham Lincoln facts for kids

Three sons of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd died before reaching adulthood. He was born on August 1, Robert was named after his maternal grandfather. Robert did not enjoy the same warm relationship his brothers had with his father as he was always away travelling and working when he was growing up. He served at the end of the Civil War under the command of Ulysses Grant as part of his immediate staff. In Robert married Mary Eunice Harlan, they had two daughters and one son.

Among all the US presidents , Abraham Lincoln is very famous and well known for his abolishment of slavery in United States of America. You are going to learn Abraham Lincoln Facts For Kid s that will provide you all the information on who he was, his birth, full name, nationality, birth place, height, personality, beliefs, childhood, schooling, early life, education, adulthood, parents, siblings, personal life, marriages, children ,descendents, pets, history, politics, presidency, foreign policy, timeline, popularity, accomplishments, abolishment of slavery, speeches, books, assassination, quotes and many interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln. He had no expressed fondness for anything and ate mechanically. I have seen him sit down at the table absorbed in thought and never unless recalled to his senses, would he think of food. But however peculiar and secretive he may have seemed, he was anything but cold. Abraham Lincoln was elected to the U. S Congress as a candidate of the Whig Party.

Abraham Lincoln February 12, — April 15, was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th president of the United States from March until his assassination in April Lincoln led the nation through the American Civil War , its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. Born in Kentucky , Lincoln grew up on the frontier in a poor family. Self-educated, he became a lawyer, Whig Party leader, Illinois state legislator and Congressman. In , he left government to resume his law practice, but angered by the success of Democrats in opening the prairie lands to slavery, reentered politics in He became a leader in the new Republican Party and gained national attention in for debating national Democratic leader Stephen A.

Childhood and youth

If you are looking to study the most interesting people from history, Abraham Lincoln is a good place to start! Read on to find out some interesting facts about one of our greatest presidents. Abe was born in in Kentucky. He and his family lived in a log cabin. He was an inquisitive boy who loved the outdoors.

For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party and later a Republican. One of his greatest preoccupations as a political thinker was the issue of self-governance and the promise and problems that could arise from it. The choice by some to allow the expansion of slavery was one such problem and was central to the American Civil War. Although opposed to slavery from the outset of his political career, Lincoln would not make its abolition a mainstay of his policy until several years into the war. From to , Abraham Lincoln occupied a seat in the Illinois state legislature. He first entered national politics in while serving a single term in Congress.


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