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diamond dallas page yoga dvd

Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Dam Workout on the Planet! by Diamond Dallas Page

This book (and the DVDs bought separately) got me to try yoga. And in this incarnation, I like it. Im a very overweight diabetic who desperately needs to get fit, and I was impressed by the story of disabled Gulf War veteran Arthur, who used YRG to not only lose 157 lbs but regain the use of his body after being told hed never walk without crutches again.

Well, Arthur is one of the guys demonstrating the moves in the book and on the DVD. If he can do it, so can I. Sure the book is firmly aimed at the WWE crowd, complete with looking down the cleavage of the yoga babes pictured. But you know what, it works! Ive just done a session with my wife, and we both feel like weve done a full workout at the gym, with tight muscles and rock hard biceps and thighs. But tyheres none of the pain, just the gain. Page recommends good, sensible nutrition that fits well with my needs as a diabetic, and I think Ive found just what I need to get healthy. That outweighs the groans provoked by Pages redneck humor.
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It was the worst thing to ever happen to me. He added, "When it comes to professional wrestling, one thing rings true: You can't fake gravity. Gravity gets everybody, and the wear and tear to your body takes professional wrestling — I tore both rotator cuffs, I tore my meniscus and my cartilage in my knees; I ruptured my L4 and L5 in my back so severely that they said my professional wrestling career was over. Page explained that within three months of combining yoga with physical rehabilitation techniques and calisthenics "done with a slow burn movement" focusing on certain muscles, he was back in the ring and became heavyweight champion of the world at 43 years old. Page thinks if he'd started wrestling when he was younger, his outcome may not have been so promising. I was much smarter than I would have been if I was starting at 22," he said of his start in the industry. There's so many crazy bumps you take in professional wrestling, and when you're younger you just think, 'no pain no gain.

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Gewichtsverlust: 12 Kilogramm! Traumgewicht und Traumfigur mit 82 Kilogramm! Das habe ich weder mit Krafttraining im Studio noch mit Joggen geschafft. Doch das war nicht immer so. Seine Frau riet ihm, es einmal mit Yoga zu versuchen.

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  2. Welcome to DDP YOGA - The Most Complete Fitness System on the Planet Created by Diamond Dallas Page

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