When a guy wants to cuddle

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when a guy wants to cuddle

Come Cuddle Me by Missy Welsh

Eighteen-year-old Tucker naively posted a half-naked photo of himself on Pronblr and requested that someone come cuddle him for the night. He really did mean cuddling, but he didn’t mean for his friends to reblog his request since it also had his address attached.

Now his neighbor Bill is angry at him for being so stupid as a stream of strangers show up at Tucker’s door to answer his plea…whether he wants their attention or not.

​Tucker needs someone to save him from himself and Bill might just be that guy. Could the dumbest mistake of Tucker’s young life actually end up being the start to a real romance?
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She can tell something's wrong just from the way he won't let her rest her head in his armpit. Body language is a key indicator of the way we feel. After all, haven't we always been told actions speak louder than words?
Missy Welsh

The Position You Cuddle In Says Everything About Your Relationship

It forces you to be vulnerable. Having someone else wrap their arms around you and hold you close makes it almost impossible to be closed off or act tough. It might even make your guy open up if he normally has a hard time expressing himself. Think about it—it would be so weird!! Being vulnerable enough to cuddle means you give in to the ultimate surrender and let someone else be there for you. Sometimes being strong is overrated anyway.

We have all learned the hard way that no guy just wants to snuggle up with you; there is always an ulterior motive. The real question comes from figuring out why he is saying that he just wants to snuggle or worse, if he means it and why.
what your mind can conceive you can achieve

Discover his true intentions.

But what I came to realize is that I enjoy hanging with this girl as much as I do because when we are done doing the deed, we can just lay about without feeling awkward or even occasionally cuddle. Cuddling is a great thing- if and only if both parties are all for it. On the other hand, cuddling can also be the most awkward thing in the world if it is done one-sided. If a cuddle is initiated prematurely, the other party is forced into a difficult situation. You smell awful. Cuddling has somehow become a sacred act between two people; an act that symbolizes the emotions they share, giving meaning to their relationship- symbolizing the very thing that sex once symbolized a long, long time ago.

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