Dua for those suffering in war

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dua for those suffering in war

Kashmir Quotes (61 quotes)

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Published 20.03.2019

The Most Recited Dua By Prophet Muhammad - Omar Suleiman

Duas for mercy

All praises are for God the Lord of humankind, and the giver of all good things. O' My Lord, we pray that You destroy the dividing wall of enmity and grant peace to those who seek Your mercy. We appeal to You to awaken the longing for a peaceful and just life in all those who's hearts are filled with hatred for others, especially those at war and those who are preparing for war. Grant peace to Your servants. Implant in them the fear of You and confirm in them love for one another.

14 duas of mercy. Below are some sample Duas you can make in this regard: of the hate and evil that are destroying us and dividing us through wars, terrorism, Have mercy on all of those who are suffering from starvation this Ramadan.
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If we cannot see that, then we have no right to look away from the consequences of inaction. The world is currently in the worst refugee crisis since World War II, and most of the refugees are Syrians. More than half of them are under the age of This moment. Yes, even from behind your computer screen.

Feeling Helpless? It may seem that the death of millions of innocents is now inevitable, but we must continue to strive our utmost to defend them and to spread the truth about this immoral war. Above all, we must remember that Allah Most High has control over all things and can provide help in ways we do not even understand. No falsehood is to remain forever. No oppression is to remain forever.

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