Why are people so dumb

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why are people so dumb

Dumb People Quotes (19 quotes)

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Published 08.03.2019

How To Deal With Stupid People - Dave Ramsey Rant

How Dumb Is America: 10 Things People Actually Believe

We Americans like to boast about how smart we are as a nation, but in some instances our collective beliefs demonstrate the exact opposite. Some of us blithely cling to beliefs that have been disproven in what is called "denialism" or the "illusory truth effect," the latter a short circuit in the human psyche that puts repetition on par with the truth. Denialism is simply a person's choice to defy scientifically proven facts and live in their happy places where they don't have to confront their own ignorance — a black is white and white is black type of thing, according to published research. The motives of denialists vary. Some may be lured by corporate largesse to deny compelling science about climate change or the adverse health effects of smoking. Others driven by ideology or faith reject science that is incompatible with their belief systems.

People Are Dumb and Should be Treated Like Morons I often refer to this as the Curse of Intelligence, when someone is so smart they are.
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Our world is populated by all kinds of people with hugely varying levels of intelligence. Almost anyone would consider themselves to be intelligent, of course, and it can be very hard to get an accurate assessment of our own intelligence. And intelligence is very important. Especially in a professional context, a smart and agile mind can be your best asset. But people who are less smart often have habits that out them as stupid and can also be quite catastrophic in a number of circumstances. They prefer to wallow in self-pity or just go straight to playing the blame game.

In my ten years of web development and web design, I see people make the same stupid mistakes over and over when it comes to designing websites. Most people think that just because they understand something, that everyone understands it same way they do. But this never the case. I want you to read that again. It is critical that you understand what I just said to be successful in pretty much anything you do, but most importantly design and user experience.

Everyone thought Chance the Gardener was brilliant but he really was a dolt, albeit spoiler alert a dolt who could walk on water. Want to know what I say to that? Stupid is as stupid does. I mean the real deal. Click through the slideshow to start with the obvious. Smart people know their actions have consequences. They also know that they have to earn business results one decision at a time.

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